Monday Mantra: 11.20.17

Affirm, attract, repeat.

This weekend, with the holidays coming up, I have been feeling the pressure of not having a lot of money. But I also know that I am blessed to be healthy, and have the many people that I love in my life. I am so grateful that they are here, healthy, and willing to share their love with me.
That is why today, we are affirming that we live in abundance, and we attract the things we need and want most in our lives. These things are vital to our survival. And they make life that much more enjoyable.

Affirm: I attract abundance in the form of prosperity, health, and love.

Remember that our thoughts impact our reality. I am working hard at removing the money blockages that I feel. I have faith it will work out for me sometime. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Have a blessed Monday!
I have a short week at work, and I am so excited to have some time to chill. I hope you have been blessed with some good time off, as well!
With love and light,

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