Victorian Floriology & Tussie Mussies

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What is floriology?

Floriology is known as the “language of flowers.” My new classes started this week, at the Southwest Institue of Healing Arts, and one of my new classes is Flower Essences. One of our first assignments was to study Victorian Floriology, and the tussie mussies, or bouquets, they would make with flowers.

What is a tussie mussie?

Tussie mussies are decorative arrangements of flowers, specifically chosen for different purposes. Tussie mussies were gifts which shared messages with loved ones, friends, and family. They were usually gifts of a positive nature, however certain tussie mussies could be used to share a negative message, depending on the flowers used, and how they were arranged and decorated.
The meaning of flowers was common knowledge during the Victorian Age. Using flowers for medicinal, healing, spiritual, and as tokens of love, has been used since ancient times, in Chinese, Japanese, Roman, Persian, and Greek cultures. This practice rose to popularity once more, during Victorian times, when many books were published that covered the different meanings of flowers.

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Sample Flower Meanings.

SWIHA gave us a handout of a list of flowers and their Victorian meaning. Here are some of the meanings:
Baby’s Breath: Everlasting love
Camellia: My destiny is in your hands
DaffodilsNew beginnings
Eucalyptus: Protection
Purple Hyacinth: Please forgive me
Lilac: First emotions of love
Marigold: Grief
Poppy: Fantastic extravagance
Pink Rose: Grace
Tulip: Declaration of love

A lost art.

I wish that we were in a place, as a society, where we could make tussie mussies more regularly and send them to our loved ones. Like how romantic would it be to make a special, hand-picked bouquet for your significant other? Or how sweet would it be to send one to a friend or your mom? I’m sure we could do it, but it would be a little difficult to get all the flowers we want, and it could get pricey. But still, knowing the meaning of flowers can be helpful when buying a pre-made bouquet.
Hope you enjoyed this post!
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(Flower meanings taken from SWIHA material: Victorian Language of Flowers.

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