December 2017: Card Reading & Energy Update

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Once upon a December…

Happy December, my loves! December is probably my favorite month of them all. I live in Arizona, and I love the weather this time of year. It gets cold (to us) and we can finally wear our boots and sweaters that we long for all year! It is also Christmas, New Years, my brother’s birthday month, and my birthday month. Hoo-hah! And with the holidays, I get a week off from work. Lucky for me, my birthday also falls on that week. Also, also, one of my oldest, and best friends, who I consider a sister, is visiting this month. I can’t wait to see her and catch up!
Focusing on the good, makes me feel good. This month has a lot of different energies in it, because today, December 3rd, marked the start of Mercury Retrograde. This means that the planet Mercury, is basically going backwards on its axis.
When this happens, our communication is jeopardized. There may be problems with travel, and electronics. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping during Mercury Retrograde, which is a side effect. And, a lot of unfinished business from our past can show up during this time, if we have something that needs to be taken care of. Mercury Retrograde is not a time to start anything new, but it is a time to work on an old project – perhaps one you started and never finished, or one you thought about doing but never got around to.
Thankfully, Mercury Retrograde ends on December 23rd. Just in time to enjoy Christmas, eh?
So we will most likely be experiencing a lot of ups and downs this month. However, this is not a bad thing, and it will not be a bad month. This month is going to be filled with personal healing, spiritual growth, and lots and lots of love.

The Cards.

(Pulled from the Tarot of the Spirit Deck by Pamela and Joyce Eakins. All interpretations written by me.)

Yes, I enjoyed my morning coffee while doing this spread. That’s the best way to do it. 😉

Card One – Three of Earth – Works Reversed
This card represents where we are right now. You may have felt down about what you are working on, in regards to your life path. Have trust that you are doing the right thing, and by keeping your thoughts positive, and your spirit bright, you will be met with success.
Card Two – Five of Earth – The Nadir
If you have been worrying a lot in recent days, now is the time to stop. You must find ways to trust in the Universe, and connect with your Spirit. This is how you will be able to recognize that you are on the right path. This is how you will continue on this path and reach your success. Do more of what you love.
Card Three – The Sun
This card represents our foundation, which is strong, filled with love and light. As the year closes, know that all is well in your world. There is nothing to fear, and only we can hold ourselves back. Tap into the wisdom, love, and support, of the Universe. You can accomplish all your dreams, if you believe you deserve them.
Card Four – Temperance Reversed
In the recent past, you have gone through some intense inner work. There have been some trials and setbacks in your life. It is important to remember that your past does not define you. Do the work, and let go of the things that are bogging you down. Anything you did in the past was the result of you doing your best at that moment. Now you have grown, and learned. Be grateful for every experience you have had, as they all play a part in your divine purpose. Forgive yourself, and move on to better things.
Card Five – Ten of Fire – The Cage
This card represents how you are holding onto the past in your mind. This relates to the situations represented by card number four. Do not focus on the past, bring yourself into the now. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Let go of what is no longer needed, and you will be free.
Card Six – Wind Sister
In the future, you will find victory. This means that you will be successful in making the changes necessary to continue on your journey of growth. Happy times are ahead, as long as you can come into the now. Do not be afraid of change. Go with the flow, and keep your thoughts in the light.
Card Seven – Nine of Wind – The Screen
This card represents your innermost feelings, which are represented by fear. Now is the time to speak your truth, and feed your Spirit. Do not worry about what others think of you, and do not fear judgment. Be true to yourself, and practice self-love. This month can be hectic, going to work parties, and seeing family members who will surely have many questions about what’s going on in your life. Do not be afraid to tell them about your plans, no matter how wild they are. This is your life. You do what you want. Be happy for you, and others will do the same.
Card Eight – Resurrection
This card represents what is going on around you, and in the world. As we approach The Event of 2018, many people are waking up and opening themselves up to Divine Love. We are beginning to see many changes within ourselves, and all of humanity. This is why it is so vital that you tap into your Higher Self and honor your Spirit. Love yourself, and make your place in the world. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. We need your unique light to see the positive changes on Earth that we wish to see. We are going to be entering a very interesting time in our history. Let your love and light shine.
Card Nine – Four of Water – The Flood
This card represents both what we want, and what we fear. And the card itself speaks of new energies. Again, now is the time to let go of the old and make time for the new. December is a 3 month, which means everything is starting to come together. January is a 1 month, which means there will be change and new beginnings. Allow this to come naturally – do not force anything, and always, always, be gentle with yourself.
Card Ten – The Devil Reversed
As the month ends, you will be finally feel like you are free. You have broken through the bondages of your past and are ready to face the new with a brave heart. Be calm, and enjoy the holidays. Everything is working out in Divine Timing, and in your highest good. Spend lots of time with your loved ones and get lots of rest. 2017 was an intense year, and 2018 is going to be even more so. Keep your thoughts positive, and manifest good. You are on the right track. And everything is perfect.

Whoo. Writing all that was very intense for me. Words were pouring out from my guides, and the angels. This month is going to be incredible. Enjoy yourself, my dear.
If you would like to schedule a personal reading with me, to see what’s in store for you this month, or in 2018, please see my Services page. 2018 is a 2 year, which means everything we worked on this year is going to start coming together, as we join forces with others, the Divine, and within ourselves. We are going to be seeing a lot of things working in our favor, as we continue on this 9 year cycle. Our lives are changing for the better, and we have much to be excited for.
I hope you enjoyed!
With love and light,

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