I'm Back, Now…

Hello December.

Hi everybody. I know I have taken a weird hiatus from writing. Things have been weird, good, and crazy, so I now I am back, and wanted to give you a little update on what’s been going on with me.
First I want to say, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and a good start to December. Later on today, I am going to be posting my December card reading, so stay tuned for that! There are a lot of interesting energies coming to us this month, as we end out the year. Can you believe we are almost there?
December is also my birthday month. Yay! On December 28th, I will be turning 23. For some reason 23 seems so much older than 22 to me. This year was the most roller-coastery year I have ever experienced, I feel. This year opened my eyes to a lot of things.

  1. I still need my parents, even though I am living independently.
  2. Life is unpredictable. (I know, seems silly, right?)
  3. There is no greater support than that of the angels, the Universe, and Spirit.
  4. (Another one that may seem silly) It is SO important to live in the NOW.

Okay, so you see how some of those things up there are points I have already talked about in previous posts? Well, this year, I really learned them for myself.

Posted to my Instagram the other night.

Earlier this week, I experienced what I think was a spiritual flu. Spiritual flu is when you have many flu symptoms, as your body clears itself of old emotions, fears, anxieties, or stresses that you were holding onto. It started with anxiety, then I got a migraine, then I was dizzy and nauseous, then I got the worst pain in my solar plexus. It felt like a huge knot turning and twisting in my stomach. My belly was a little upset after that and I couldn’t eat anything – mainly from anxiety. Then I called off work the next day, and was getting ovarian cramps (I wasn’t on my period or even close to it – sorry for too much info. But maybe this will be useful for you in the future 😉 ). I was also getting back pain, and was extremely tired.
The only thing was that aside from those symptoms, I didn’t feel or look sick. I was actually feeling very calm and honestly getting annoyed that I felt to strange. I hate feeling uncomfortable, so you can imagine I was getting irritable. By the late afternoon, I was turning to my chakra books. I took some flower essences, and did some yoga. I also colored in my mandala coloring book. After doing all that, I finally felt 100% better. So much so, that my boyfriend and I went to the store and got stuff to make grilled cheese and salad. See what I mean? Must have been an energetic thing. The next day I returned to work, just fine. A little anxious, but fine.
Definitely pay attention to your thoughts and emotions when you get sick. This is how you will know if it is spiritual flu or something else. I have felt much more calm since that day. It feels good to get old energy out of me, especially as the year is coming to an end. I also believe we will be experiencing The Event in the early new year. So, don’t be surprised if you end up with odd symptoms, as your body helps to clear you out for new energies coming to Earth.

In other news, today Taylor (my boyfriend) and I have to take one of the cats we took in to the vet to be euthanized. Her name is Olive, and I have posted about her before. In early summer, when our friend was still with us, he discovered that Olive had stomach cancer. He got her the surgery to have her tumors removed and she was doing wonderfully, however, the vet had told him that it was most likely that her cancer would return.
So, when we took her in, we could already feel a hard lump in her belly. We knew that we would basically just be taking care of her until her time had come. Naturally we grew very attached to Olive. She is so loving, and sweet. She would come jump on me every morning to wake me up, so I could feed her. She would not stop walking around me and meowing, and stepping on me, until I got up.
When we would eat dinner, she would come and try to get the food on our plates. When I was about finished, I would let her eat off my fork. She would literally bite my fork to take food. It was the funniest thing to watch. I have seen dogs do that, but never cats.
Needless to say, she hasn’t eaten in a few days. She is having trouble breathing, and can barely walk. She stays in our bathroom, and just lays on the floor. She is not very coherent, but she does purr whenever we go to see her. Her body is so fragile and weak. I don’t like to pick her up because I am afraid of hurting her. She also has brown liquid coming from her eyes. I tried to wipe it away last night, but it was hard to get off. I looked it up and discovered it is most likely glaucoma, from her tumors.
Olive, from a couple months ago.

Putting Olive down today is going to be hard. I was really hoping that she would be healthy through the holidays, and get to spend Christmas with us. But I hate to see her suffer, and don’t want her to think we don’t love her. The thought of her being reunited with Eddie, our friend and her original daddy, brings me a lot of comfort. I know he will be happy to see her again.
After our vet appointment, we are going to my parent’s house to have cake for my brother. His birthday is also this month, on the 5th. So we are celebrating today. I am grateful that I will get to be with family, after losing Olive.

Sorry if this post was kind of a downer. I just wanted to explain why I haven’t been as active as usual, and I also just wanted to let you know more about me. I feel like I don’t post enough updates about myself as I should. I want my readers to know who I am, and feel like they know me. There is nothing greater than human connection and sharing love in this life, am I right? Also, it feels good to have a place to let some of these emotions and thoughts out.
Thank you for your support. I am ready to jump back into my writing. Every day I think more and more about how I want to make my writing my full-time job. I always wanted to be a writer, since I was a little girl. I just didn’t believe it was possible for me. Now I am going to try my damnedest to make it so.
My goal is still to hit 200 followers by the end of the year. Sometimes I get discouraged when I see other bloggers, who have been doing it for less time than me, with way more followers than I have. Not that I am jealous – I know everyone is on their own path, and I am happy to see others becoming successful. I just get down on myself and wonder if I am doing the right thing. But I think I am. Maybe I need to develop my voice more.

To close this post out, I would like to leave you with links to some of the things I discussed in this post.
If you want to know more about The Event, follow this link.
If you want to try some flower essences to help you release old energies, check out any of the following remedies:

Honeysuckle: “Your mind is on the past, not the present.”

Bach Original Flower Essences, Honeysuckle, 20 ml (for ingestion)

Mimulus: “You are shy or feel anxious about something specific.”

Bach Original Flower Essences, Mimulus, 20 ml

Mustard: “You feel down in the dumps and don’t know why.”

Bach Original Flower Remedies Mustard 20ml

You can take each of these essences up to four times a day, or sip on them, by placing a few drops in your water. I have really been enjoying using essences, and will also be posting about them very soon. Also coming up this month, will be my December Ipsy post, a few makeup reviews, card readings and more. I hope you enjoy.
With love and light,

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