Unlock Your Divine Femininity

The Divine Feminine.

Inside every woman is a powerful goddess, waiting to be unleashed from her chamber. We may not know it, or want to believe it, but she’s there. Inside each of us (men included), there is a strong feminine energy. This energy is where our emotions, intuition, and creativity lie.
As times and energies are changing here on Mother Earth, it is time that we get back to our roots. There has never been a time in our history where strong women, and men, were needed. It is time that we learn how to unleash the goddess, stand for what we believe in, and love unconditionally.

Let your voice be heard.

Unlocking your true potential begins with self-love. Every day, tell yourself that you love you. Tell your body that you love it. It may seem silly at first, but it is SO not. If you read my post from this weekend, where I touched on my little writing hiatus, you will know that I experienced what a lot of us spirit junkies call, spiritual flu.
When experiencing this, I naturally looked into what the great Louise Hay had to say. As you can imagine, I found the perfect affirmations and guidance from this wise woman. I found a blog post written by Louise, where she mentioned the importance of telling your body, “I love you.” She said that our bodies are always doing their best to help us heal and keep us healthy. The least we can do is tell them we love them, right?
So, when I felt ill, I began telling my body that I loved it. And seriously, right after doing so, some of my pain went away. It’s incredible how our thoughts impact our reality, eh?
Start practicing self-love. Accept yourself as who you are, and don’t be afraid to let others see the real you. There is no one else on this planet who is exactly like you. All of humanity needs your unique light right now. Let it shine.
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As you are working on loving yourself a little more, start letting your creativity out, too. Sing, dance, paint, write. Use your talents as a way to give a little piece of yourself to the world. Keep in mind that openly expressing yourself through your creativity will only strengthen the love that you have for yourself.

Go deeper.

Another thing that coincides with self-love and creativity is honesty. It is important that you are honest with yourself, ALWAYS. Do not settle for anything you don’t want in your life. Be open with you about your feelings and emotions. Embrace your shadow side, even if it scares you a little bit. Know your values and define your boundaries. What will you and what won’t you put up with from others? What will you and what won’t you take from yourself?
Learn how to ask yourself questions like these. Know what you are truly feeling, and check in with your Higher Self. What does your intuition say about different situations in your life? What type of adjustments do you need to make to open up to yourself?

Embrace your sensuality & sexuality.

Allow yourself to explore your sexuality. Be open with your partner about your desires. Be open with yourself, too. Having a healthy sex life is beneficial to your chakra system, as well as to your immune system, never mind your confidence, and connection to your body.
I personally believe that sexual experiences can lead you to deeper understanding of your spirituality. And of course, it brings you as close to another individual as possible, in one of the most beautiful bonds on Earth. Sex is creation. I like to think that having a healthy sex life helps us to manifest the things we desire in life. Find a healthy balance, and make time to enjoy yourself.

So how does this all connect?

Through self-love, creativity, understanding of the self, and personal sensual pleasure, we are activating our Divine Feminine. This means that we are connecting with our intuition, and allowing ourselves to live our lives in a Divine manner. By learning about who we are, our motivation becomes clearer.
By supporting and loving ourselves, we are providing ourselves with a strong foundation. We are paving the way for others who are rising up behind us. The more love we have for ourselves, the more we can share with others. By being the best versions of ourselves possible, we are aiding the changes happening within humanity, and we are essentially creating a better tomorrow.
What type of role do you want to play in the grand theater of life?
With love and light,

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