Makeup Time! My Two Favorite e.l.f. Products

E.L.F. for the win.

Okay, so I am a girl who doesn’t have a lot of money, at the moment. I love me some good makeup, and skincare products, but seriously, I am on a budget. Somehow I still score pretty well with awesome name brands. Probably because I like to stock up on them around the holidays. 😉
But right now, I want to tell you a little about two products that I totally fell in love with this year. They are both from e.l.f. and they are both perfect for someone on a tight budget. Also, also – they will make a great stock stuffer for any of the girls in your tribe. Believe me.

Makeup Mist & Set.

K, guys. I live in Arizona…the desert. It gets hhhhot over the summer. And at the beginning of heat season this year, I noticed my makeup was not making it until the end of the day. I said something to my boss and she suggested I find myself a good makeup mist. So, I went in search of a cheaper brand that I was familiar with, and low and behold – the thing that would soon change my life.
I bought a travel size of this baby, in the clear, and I have since bought like, two or three more bottles. My makeup lasts forever now, and I couldn’t be happier. There is nothing like having a twelve-hour day, to come home and see that your makeup is still in-tact. Sometimes the makeup on my cheeks, near my ears fades away. But that’s because I am a receptionist and am on the phone all day. The rest of my makeup, stays perfect. I highly recommend this if you have never tried a mist before. It really changed my life.
Right now, e.l.f. is selling a 3-pack through Amazon, for the amazing price of $14.63 – (3 Pack) e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set – Clear. Sweet deal, dude.

Tone Adjusting Face Primer.

Alrighty, so I started using the mist about halfway through the year. Maybe a month or so later, I was looking for something else. So, a bit of a back story: I used to have really bad acne. My face still has a lot of scars on it, and I am honestly pretty self-conscious about it. However, they are getting better, but still. I don’t want that shit coming through my makeup.
So, I went looking for something with a green tone, to help hide the redness. I found this beauty, also in the e.l.f. department, by some luck. This is definitely my second love when it comes to e.l.f. I put on a moisturizer with a sunscreen every day, and then put this on next.
It makes my face so soft, and my makeup just glides on. It keeps my skin feeling soft all day, and it helps with the redness. Plus, it is mineral infused, which I know is helping with the overall healing of my skin. Take a look for yourself:
Cool, huh?
I couldn’t find a set of them on Amazon, but they are offering a single bottle for $4.99, which is still smokin’: e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer, Tone Adjusting Green

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on e.l.f.? What is your favorite makeup mist or primer?
I hope you enjoyed this post!
With love and light,

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