Card of the Day: 12.09.17

The Sun.

If you saw yesterday’s card of the day, you will have noticed that The Sun was present in that reading, as well. This confirms for us that the projects we are currently working on, the goals we have set, or the changes we are transitioning into, are going to be met with success.
This is a sign that you are on the right path. Keep your thoughts and vibes positive, to ensure that everything works out in the best way possible, and serves your highest good. Remember to wait until after Mercury Retrograde to start anything new, though, so that you can avoid complications. However, if you want to start working on a project that you abandoned in the past, Mercury Retrograde is the best time to do so.
This card can also symbolize a new home, a more satisfying career, or a new business endeavor, as well as joyous times all around. Practice gratitude, self-love, and positive affirmations daily, to attract more good into your life. You will be met with prosperity, abundance, and happiness.
With love and light,

(Deck used: Rider Waite Tarot. Available to order on Amazon, through the following links.)

The Rider Tarot Deck

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