Card of the Day: 12.10.17

Be Honest with Yourself.

If you have recently been feeling stuck, depressed, or angry, know that this could be a result of you not being honest with yourself. When we ignore our inner needs and desires, we end up experiencing these lower, negative, energies.
This does not meant that you must drastically change your life, but it can if you want it to. However, it does mean that you must open up with yourself, and be honest about the way you really feel about certain things in your life.
If you can, spend time in nature, speaking with the fairies. If the weather does not allow you to be outside, at least sit by an indoor plant, meditate, and call in the energy of the fairies. Tell them how you really feel – let them know about your fears and stresses, as well as your hopes and dreams. They will help you to be more honest with yourself, experience more love of the self, and bring more joy into your days.
With love and light,
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