Card of the Day: 12.11.17

Throat Chakra.

If you have had a sore throat lately or are currently experiencing throat problems, ask yourself if you have been lovingly speaking your truth? When we hold back from truly expressing ourselves, our throat chakra becomes tighter, causing us physical symptoms.
The angels want you to know that they are sending Divine Light to you and your throat chakra. They are encouraging you and supporting you as you learn to speak your truth. Allow yourself some time to express yourself creatively, and always be honest with yourself and others. Trust that you are loved no matter what, and your thoughts and feelings are real and valid.
Ask Archangel Gabriel, the angel of communication, to help you lovingly share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with others. Ask Gabriel to help you heal your throat chakra, by speaking and living your truth. Meditate on the color blue, to help balance your throat chakra.
With love and light,
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