Card of the Day: 12.12.17

Have confidence.

Today there is another energy wave coming to Earth. The time has come for us all to live in love and light. It is time to let go of lower energies that are bogging us down. We must keep our thoughts and vibrations high, so that we are attracting all the good that is available to us now.
Let go of feelings of self-doubt. Know that whatever you are trying to accomplish right now, is yours for the taking. Replace fear and worry with faith and trust. If you feel that you are not ready to place this confidence in yourself, at this time, place it in the Universe, with God, or with the angels.
You are Divinely guided and supported. The Divine is going to help you ensure that what you are working towards will be met with success, and will bring you joy. Know that you are deserving and you are powerful.
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With love and light,

(Deck used: Daily Guidance from Your Angels, by Doreen Virtue. Available to order on Amazon by following the links below.)

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