Ways Spirit(s) Communicate

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Spirit, who dis?

Spirit(s) communicate with us in a plethora of ways. Sometimes, we don’t even recognize that we are being communicated with. Only over this last year, since I began writing about my intuitive experiences, and started taking classes at SWIHA, have I really noticed the ways in which Spirit communicates with me.
Now, when I say Spirit, I mean spirit guides, angels, loved ones, spirit animals, etc. I also mean our Higher Selves, and Source, or God. In this post, I am going to list a few ways in which these beings communicate with us. The crazy thing is that it can be different for everyone, depending on your inherent gifts. These things can also change depending on the actual spirit that wishes to communicate with you.

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Prepare for Awareness.

The best way to be open to Spirit, is to operate at a higher vibration. The way you do this, is by choosing to lead a life filled with love. The more you love yourself, and the more love you give to others, the more you receive, and the higher you vibrate. Keep your vibe high, by sharing love, and thinking positive thoughts.
Don’t allow yourself to dwell in negative energies for too long, because you will block out your intuition and communication with Spirit by doing so. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit. Refrain from eating too many junk foods, or consuming too much alcohol. Meditate, journal, do yoga, exercise, or dance. Find a way to express yourself creatively, and your spirit will be vibrating higher.
Once you have done that type of inner work,  there are also some ways you can prepare your environment for a spirit chat. Keep live plants in your home, or sacred space, to cleanse the air and stagnant energies. Place crystals throughout your home, to heighten your intuition and sensitivity. Use sage to cleanse your home of unwanted energies, and welcome the new. And use incense to raise your vibration and receptiveness.
Doing the things mentioned above, will help you to be in the right mindset for Spirit communication, although they are not necessary for Spirit to come through. The Divine can reach you at any time, as long as you are open to receiving their guidance. Affirm that you are open to receiving, and they will share their insights more clearly with you. However, if you are intentionally trying to communicate with a spirit, I highly suggest that you use one or all of those things above.

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Ways Spirit Communicates.

Okay, so now we are getting into the ways Spirit likes to communicate with us. Are you ready?
I have been getting a lot of confirmation chills, lately. In fact, just this morning, I could sense that my friend John, who recently passed away, was in the room. I felt that he was urging me to contact his wife, and let her know that I am here if she wants someone to talk to. If you read my post from yesterday, Death Never Comes Easy, then you will know that I was not super close to his wife, but that we were all friends at one point. So, I felt a little weird about reaching out to her.
Anyway, I could sense his presence, as I was reading one of her posts to him on Facebook. I began talking out loud to him, in my apartment. As I was talking to him, I could almost hear his responses, and got chills all up and down my arms. I argued with him and said I would reach out eventually.
Then I got back on my computer, to work on a blog post, and ended up sending her a message first. His wish was so strong, that I could not do anything else, before reaching out to her. I know he wants her to have friends, and continue living. So, I sent her a message.
So, that is one of the ways spirit(s) communicate with us. If you are ever thinking of something and get chills, know that a guide or angel is confirming to you that you should move forward or that you are on the right track. Start paying attention to these random chills, especially the thoughts you are having at the time. There is an important message for you, there.
Another way Spirit likes to communicate is with imagery. This is also known as clairvoyance. Have you ever seen a spirit, or an angel clearly and vividly in your mind, seemingly out of nowhere? How about a quick glimpse into the future, or a glimpse of someone you care about, but haven’t spoken to in a while? These images are ways of communication from The Divine. They are different than daydreams, because they come on so suddenly, but they can also be accessed through meditation and dreams.
Taylor, my boyfriend, has had many experiences in life where he shouts, “I dreamed this!” I have heard him say this quite a few times. He sees the future in his dreams, but doesn’t always remember it, until it happens. It is not déjà vu. It is a memory, and an inner knowing.
I also tend to experience thoughts that are not my own. I know my angels like to communicate with me, this way. Up until this year, I thought it was just me thinking. But it is angels and my higher self, talking with me, and guiding me. This experience also feels like an inner knowing. People will ask me, “How do you know that?” and I’ll say, “I just know.” 
I also hear Spirit talking at night. Sometimes it wakes me up, and I can’t get back to sleep. I wake up knowing what they are talking about, but when I realize I am hearing voices, I tend to snap out of it, and can’t remember what they were talking about. I say they, because there is always more than one voice, in conversation. It doesn’t scare me though. I know they are guides, helping me.
Another big sign from Spirit, is finding feathers and coins. I had an important court date that I was nervous for, because I never had to deal with any legal matters before. I had been very anxious about it for a long time.
When my mom and I arrived at the court, we were told to sit outside the courtroom on  benches. I looked at the bench, which was red velvet, and saw three dimes sitting there, on top of the bench. There were no people by the change, and it was so strange to me that the dimes were just chilling on top of the bench. I sat down, and didn’t touch them. Then I realized they were a sign from my angels, that they were there for me and that everything would work out for the best. I smiled, and stuck the dimes in my purse.
Take note of feathers and coins you find, where you find them, and what you were thinking about when you find them. Take comfort in knowing that the angels and your spirit guides are there for you. Also look out for certain scents, colors, or lights. These are also signs from angels and spirits. They may always mean something different, but they are purposely there just for you.

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Your thoughts?

Have you ever experienced any of these ways of communication with Spirit? Are there any other ways you have communicated? The world of Spirit is very real, and very intense. The more you follow the guidance given to you, the more your life starts to fall into place. I have been listening to my intuition and guides, and I am so happy with what that has done for me, my loved ones, and my life in general. Lead a life of love and light.
Reach out to me to schedule a card reading, or any of my other Services. Together, we can discover the strongest ways Spirit communicates with you, and decipher their messages. ♥
With love and light,

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