Monday Mantra: 12.18.17

Christmas is coming…

This weekend, I pretty much finished Christmas shopping, and wrapping everything. I only need to buy one more gift. I am so excited! All is coming out quite well. My tree is surrounded by presents, and it looks so pretty.
I really started feeling Christmasy yesterday, when I was wrapping. I can’t wait to give everyone their gifts. Thanks Universe, for providing me with sufficient funds, to get everyone a little something. 😉
Really, though, what I am most looking forward to is spending time with family. I can’t wait to be with my parents, my brother, and Taylor’s family. I can’t wait to feel the joy and magic of Christmas. This is definitely my favorite time of year. I love being with everyone, and celebrating our love and lives, together.

I love being close to everyone I love, as the year ends. A new year is beginning, and we have no idea what exactly is going to happen. I mean, obviously I have some intuitive feelings about next year, as well as clues from cards. But there is no way I could ever know every detail. I am a little nervous, but so looking forward to it. I am blessed to be living life with a man I adore, who adores me. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family, who supports me. All is well.
So, if you have been a little nervous about being with family, which is natural, I am a little nervous too, even though I am excited – I have a mantra for you:
Affirm: Time spent with my family is always filled with laughs, good times, and love.
Have a beautiful Christmas, and a beautiful week leading up to it, my friends.
With love and light,

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