December Ipsy Glam Bag – Snow Globe Reveal

Why I do ipsy.

So, I enjoy ipsy, a lot. I think it is so cool that there is a place out there that basically sends you a few little surprises once a month. I think it is healthy for us to pamper ourselves. Ipsy allows us to do so, without spending too much money. Who doesn’t love receiving a package in the mail for themselves? I know I sure do! Ipsy is something to look forward to each month. And the day you get your package is sort of magical. That’s why I do ipsy: as an expression of self-love and magic.

The Glam Bag – Snow Globe.

I gotta say, I love this month’s bag. I prefer silver to gold, and I super love the mint lining. It’s so pretty, and perfectly whimsical. It goes well with the vibe of this month. Also, it looks so pretty with my snowy nails! 😉
The Contents:

  1. Cosmoholic Liquid Lipstick in Mysterious Mocha
  2. M.A.C. In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara in Black Extreme
  3. Ouai Hair Oil
  4. Smashbox Cosmetics Always On Gel Liner in Fishnet
  5. Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Eyeshadow in Heartthrob

My thoughts…

So far, I have only tried out the Lisa Frank Eyeshadow. When I first opened my Glam Bag, I was thinking “OMG this is going to be a bright blue, or neon green!” I don’t like colors like that. I prefer more Earthy tones. But when I opened the box, it looked like this:
I was quite pleased with this color. I like tones like this because my eyes are green and colors like this make them pop more. I put it on, and really fell in love with how smooth is was. However, the color was still pretty bright. I ended up dimming it down, by putting another, darker, shadow on the outside corner of my lids, then I put a glitter shadow over both colors. The end product came out looking pretty good, but unfortunately, I don’t have a picture to show for it.
Otherwise, I am super excited to try the Cosmoholic Liquid Lipstick. There is a little mirror on the side of the tube, which is so cool. I hate trying to put on even lip balm without a mirror. And I love “coffee” tones, especially for my lips. Also, this lipstick smells really good. I so much prefer sweet-smelling lipsticks to chemical-smelling ones.
As far as the hair oil, mascara, and eyeliner go, I am okay with receiving them. I got a hair oil last month in my ipsy bag, so I don’t really need another one right now. However, I do like Ouai. I don’t usually wear straight up black eyeliner, so I am not sure how often I will use this one. But I really love Smashbox mascara, so I am hoping their eyeliner is good too. And for the M.A.C. mascara, again, I received a mascara last month, so I wasn’t hoping for another one. But hey, at least I am stocked up right? Plus, it will be fun to see which I end up liking more.
The point is, ipsy is fun. And I enjoy taking the pictures, and writing these posts. ♥
Reviews will most likely be posted shortly!
With love and light,

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