Card of the Day: 01.05.18

Waterfall – Effortless.

Just as water flows freely, and allows itself to do so, you must act the same. Do not charge ahead, or push yourself to the point of madness. Instead, allow yourself to flow freely through life, towards your goals.
Set your intentions and persevere with both grace and stamina. Use your intuition as your guide. If you feel you need cleansing or need a better way to connect with your intuition, use water. Take long, healing showers and baths. Stare into a crystal bowl of water. This will help you see your direction more clearly.
Allow good to flow to you, and know that you are deserving. Be at peace and be honest with yourself. You are on the right course, and you will gradually start seeing the results you are looking for.
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With love and light,

(Deck used: Earth Magic, by Steven D. Farmer. Available to order on Amazon, through the following links.)

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