Monday Mantra: 01.08.18

 Monday, monday…

Good morning and Happy Monday, my loves! This is the first Monday Mantra of the new year! Wow, how crazy. Monday Mantra was one of the first things I started for my blog, almost exactly one year ago. Well, here’s to many many more!
So, recently I have been doing a lot of work with affirmations from Louise Hay. I have loved her for many years, but I have really started getting into her work, lately.
Upon working with her affirmations again, I have started to see many positive changes in my life. For example, her affirmations about money have really helped me to change my mindset about my financial situation.
Today’s Mantra is based on phrases and terms I have seen Louise use when teaching about abundance. She often reminds us that the Universe is naturally an abundant place. It is up to recognize this abundance, ask for it, welcome it, and show gratitude for it. So, today, affirm: I love living in an abundant and wonderful Universe!
Let me know how it goes for you. 😉
With love and light,

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