Introduction to the Four Clairs

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Defining your spiritual gifts.

Something that has been so vital to the development of my spiritual gifts is realizing that not everyone has the same gifts. When I was younger, I doubted my spiritual gifts because I was not like the other psychics I had met. For example, my mom and I would visit Sunny Dawn Johnston, at her location in Glendale, AZ. I would sit there and watch her with wonder, wishing I could do what she did. I would think, “But I’m not a medium, so I can’t do what she does.” Then one day, I woke up and realized: I don’t have to do what she does.
Over the past few years, I have learned that not every intuitive is good with tarot and oracle cards, meanwhile, I am a queen when it comes to cards. I don’t see spirits, but I can communicate with angels. I have an inner knowing. I can sometimes pick up on sounds and words that are signs.
So, what this all means is that some of us are gifted in other areas, than others. The four clairs are the main types of intuitive gifts that you may possess. I learned today during one of my classes at SWIHA, that there are many subcategories as well, which I will go over with you in a few weeks. But for today, let’s focus on the four clairs.

The Four Clairs.

1. Clairaudience means that you can hear messages clearly. This is the type of intuition that is based on sound, music, and words. Some clairaudient people can hear their angels or spirit guides talking to them. They are also likely to pick up on phrases they may hear from others. A great example of this, is being out somewhere, thinking about something you want to do, and overhearing someone else say they did that thing and loved it.
So, if you are debating moving to a certain city, and hear someone say they were there and loved it, or they live there and love it, that can be noted as a sign from Spirit, that your thoughts are correct, and you should follow through and move there. Clairaudient people also tend to be musicians or have an intense love of music. Perhaps they connect to music in a way that others don’t.
Another sign of clairaudience is hearing ringing in your ears. If this is you, try to tap into that ringing. Stop, and ask your angels or spirit guides what message they have to give you. Ask them to translate clearly for you, and ask them to share their message in a way that you understand. This should help you to build upon your gift of clairaudience.
2. Clairsentience is the spiritual gift of touching and sensation. For example, if you have ever experienced a “gut feeling,” about something, that is clairsentience. It also applies to other physical symptoms, and changes in temperature. Clairsentience closely relates to empathy.
If you are clairsentient it is likely that you have been labeled as sensitive. I am asking you right now to remove any negative feelings about being sensitive. If anyone has called you sensitive in a degrading manner, let go of that feeling NOW. Your sensitiveness is a gift to you, and a gift to those you come into contact with. Listen to your body, and the messages it is sharing with you. This is how Spirit communicates with you.
If something does not feel right, it is most likely not. Clairsentience is about feeling your way through things. Ask your angels and guides to help you stay strong, as you continue to allow Spirit to work through you.
3. Clairvoyance is probably the best known clair. Clairvoyance is the ability to clearly see things, whether it be in your mind, or physically right in front of you. Sometimes Spirit can communicate with us through our dreams, and that is a huge example of clairvoyance. Another huge sign of clairvoyant abilities is to have visions.
Sometimes seeing literal signs can be a message for you, as well. Have you ever been somewhere and seen a word or phrase that meant something to you? That is a sign of Spirit communicating with you clairvoyantly.
Ask your angels and guides to help you perceive the things you are seeing, and to help you make sense of them. Do not be afraid of any visions or messages you may receive in dreams. Just like the other clairs, clairvoyance is a true gift. Learn how to trust that what you are seeing is true and real, and learn how to decipher what certain images may mean for you.
4. Claircognizance is the clair of inner knowing. This one blew my mind as I was first learning about it. As a kid and a teenager I always thought there was something wrong with me because I just knew things. I didn’t really have visions or anything, so I thought that my intuition was not real or trustworthy.
But finally, I learned that I was simply claircognizant, and that was how I knew things. This was a great discovery for me at the time, because I finally felt validated. After that, is when I really felt like I could move forward with my dream of being a spiritual guide and coach.
If someone questions how you know something, don’t doubt yourself. You don’t owe anyone anything. If you know it, you will know it and you will know it is true. Ask your angels and guides to help you discern what is true and what is not. This is a powerful gift, just like the other clairs. Remember to trust yourself and Spirit.
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So, what next?

So, as you have probably gathered by now, what I am saying is: each of these clairs is a powerful gift, and you should not be afraid to tap into them. Allow yourself to get stronger in these areas, if you have already seen their presence in your life.
And here’s the best part: even if you think you don’t possess these gifts, you can build on them and make them stronger. Yep, you can possess all of these clairs and turn yourself into a super-psychic. It just takes practice. Think of your intuition and these clairs as muscles, because they basically are. You need to work them out to get them as big and strong as you want. 😉
What do you think? Have you experienced any or all of these clairs throughout your life without even knowing? Which one is currently your strongest? Which one would you like to enhance? Let me know here or on social media!
With love and light,

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