Have Questions, Get Answers – My Newest Service Available!

Need clarity?

Hey my loves. Today I am launching my newest service and I am so excited! I think you will be, too. So, let’s get on it with it, then. 😉

As you well know by now, I offer card readings and life coaching sessions on my blog. I know that not everyone wants to commit to a full reading, or a life coaching session. So, that is why I am introducing this service: for only $11 dollars, you can email me a question, and I will intuitively respond to your email within 24 hours.

So, how does it work, exactly?

Well, when I say questions, I mean like, good questions. Things I can tap into and feel the energy around the situation; things where I can offer you clarity and suggestions as to how you can move forward or how you can change the energy.

Don’t ask me questions like, “When will I die,” because that ain’t gonna fly with me. Don’t ask if your partner is cheating on you. Honestly, I’m hoping to help you with questions that pertain to you, like, “How can I tap into my intuition,” or “I am thinking of changing careers – can you provide some clarity on this subject?” We’re all adults here, people. Let’s keep the questions classy, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

So yeah, once I receive your question, I will connect with Spirit and the Divine, and pull one tarot or oracle card for you. I will send you a picture of what is pulled in my response email.

And as always, Payments are expected before any service is done. All of my payments are done through PayPal. If you are interested in setting up this email session, you may contact me or simply sign up right here. The choice is yours!

Let me know if you have any questions about this session!

With love and light,


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