How You Can Benefit from Your Past Lives

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YOLO – Yeah, right.

Past lives are something I have been interested in for like, my whole life. I have always felt much older than my chronological age. When I was 17, a psychic friend was able to tell me about some of my past lives. I cannot even find the words to represent how ultimately clarifying that experience was for me.

Since then, I have tried to see my past lives through meditation, and I have also seen a few glimpses in my dreams. I have also learned what it feels like to meet someone who I have shared significant lives with. I don’t notice it right away, but after talking with them a few times, I notice things are different with them. And things are like they are with others whom I know I shared past lives with.

So, how can they benefit me?

Learning about my past lives has helped me in a few different ways. For one, learning about a certain past life as a teenager, helped me to avoid going down a similar path in this life. And learning about my other past lives has helped me to find the courage to go down the path I am traveling today.

Here is my list of insights you can gain from uncovering your past lives:

1. Patterns that may harm you. Uncovering stories from your past lives can provide you with knowledge about certain patterns you have been dealing with for possibly lifetimes, and are still dealing with today. It is a good idea to clear this karma so that you may see a shift in your current life, and so that your soul can continue to evolve.

2. Strengths/Weaknesses. Learning about past lives you have had can help you to uncover your strengths that may be hiding deep within your soul. They can also show you weaknesses that have carried on for lifetimes, that you need to overcome.

3. Why you are drawn to certain places/people/things. My Lord, learning about my past lives has helped me to understand WHY I am drawn to so many things and places. It is so fun to uncover where you lived before, or your favorite old hobbies. Most of the time, these things prove to be things you have always been drawn to, for seemingly no reason.

4. Relationships with others. Wow relationships can be so many different things, ranging from positive to negative, and everything in between. Learning about past lives you have shared with those in your current life, can help you to understand why things can get so intense. It is likely that you have a lot of karma to clear with those you share lives with. Always listen to your intuition in these circumstances.

5. Your life purpose. I know, that may seem a little crazy, and it might not apply to everyone. But for me, learning about my past lives really helped me to understand why I reincarnated on this Earth. Since I have accepted this, I have not stopped working for it.

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What next?

There are a few ways to clear past life karma, and unlock your past lives. I have a few suggestions for you.

The first, is that you check out How To Uncover Your Past Lives (How To Series), a book by Ted Andrews. I read this book many years ago, and still find it one of the best for reincarnation study. Andrews offers many different techniques you can try to access your past lives, and they are very helpful. Using his meditations is how I was able to access some of my past life images.

Second thing I suggest is getting a past life or Earth Angel Realms Reading with me. Many people don’t realize right away that Earth Angel Realms Readings are basically past life readings. Earth Angel Realms focus on where your soul originated AND where you have spent the most time incarnated. If you were interested, we could also discuss doing a combined session of those two readings.

The last thing I suggest is that you find ways to release old patterns, fears, and baggage. You will want to begin by uncovering your past lives, with one or both of the things I mentioned above. Then, you will want to work closely with Archangel Michael. Call on him and ask him to help you dissolve old patterns from your past lives. Uncovering your past lives first will be very beneficial to this process, because you will want to know what exactly you are getting rid of.

You can access these readings by visiting my Services page or House of Mystic, my Etsy shop.

Have you ever experienced a past life memory? Are you interested in learning more, or are past lives not your cup of tea? Let me know in the comments, or on social media! And please let me know if you have any questions.

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