February Challenge: 28 Days to Self-Love

Love you, first.

So, as you are most likely well aware, February 1st is tomorrow! Wow, how crazy though, really. I feel like Christmas was just here. Speaking of Christmas, I do have a present that I would like to share with you all. It’s called (Modern Mystic Musings’) 28 Days to Self-Love Challenge. That’s right boys and girls. It’s self-love time today.

My loyal followers may remember that I attempted a 28 Days of Love challenge last year, when I FIRST started blogging. Literally, I attempted this like four days after starting my blog, and it was…okay, to say the least. I learned a lot. And that’s why this year’s challenge is going to be super bad-ass!!

Using my newfound life coaching skills (I’m done with life coaching courses, yay!), and guidance from my angels, I have constructed a 28 day plan, which will help you to learn to love yourself, help you forgive, and help you rise above. Be prepared to be taken back through your childhood, remember some bad times, take a closer look at your relationships, AND be honest with yourself. Honesty is the most important part, in my book.

Both men and women are invited to take this challenge. Although I must apologize to my boys, because everything is pink and flowers. But what is better to represent the growing love of ourselves, right?

I have a very dear, old friend of mine, coming on mid-month to share her story, and provide us with a challenge, as well. My angels were telling me for months to collab with her, so I think it will be great. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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The 4-1-1.

So, how does it work? Welllll…I will be posting the challenges right here on my blog. I will also be talking about them on social media. Each day, just check in, see what the challenge is for the day, and mark off whether or not you got it done on the sweet *free* downloadable checklist that I made for you – link available at the end of this post.

Throughout this entire time, feel free to contact me or chat with me on social media. I decided to make this challenge for YOU, so don’t hesitate to ask me questions. I want this to be a fun challenge, filled with community love and support. Try to get your friends and family involved, too! Even if you practice self-love already, this challenge is still for you. It never hurts to love yourself more.

Remember that self-love is not always something that comes easy. And it is not something that can be focused on for 28 days, and then forgotten. Think of this challenge as your introductory course to loving yourself unconditionally. Once the month is through, go back to the checklist, and go back to my challenge posts. Keep the practice going, and promise yourself this is something you will work on as you continue your beautiful journey. I have made a category specifically for this challenge, so that it will be easier for you to go back and re-read all the posts.

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Here is the link to your 28 Days to Self-Love Checklist. I have listed the 28 days, and have a slot where you mark if the challenge is completed or uncompleted. There is also a section at the end, where you can write about how the challenge made you feel, what you gained, or why you didn’t get it done. The goal is to get it done, of course. But if you don’t, give yourself love and move on to the next one. Or go back to it, and try it again later.

There is also a section at the beginning, where I ask you to write out a goal for this challenge. I will go into more detail about that in tomorrow’s post, when the challenge starts.

I hope that you decide to take this journey with me. It will be intense and fun, and so rewarding. Please spread the word! Let’s help each other love each other. ♥

With love and light,


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