3 Goddesses to Invoke for Romance

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Love is all around.

So, this month I have made it clear that my focus is on self-love. (Check out my 28 Days to Self-Love Challenge, if you haven’t already). But, as you are working on YOU, and this month is the month of love of all kinds, why don’t you let the Divine work on the romance aspect of your life?

I have researched three goddesses that I would like to introduce you to tonight. They can help you attract your perfect love, love yourself more, AND they can help you to improve your current relationships.

The first goddess I would like to tell you about is Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, and beauty. She can help you to see more love in the world around you, and she will help you to find that same love within yourself. Call on her when you need to show yourself some more love, and when you need help accepting yourself as you are. She can help you to find joy in your daily experiences, and love each moment of your life. Call on her to enhance your sensuality and spice up your sex life. You can also ask her to attract your perfect match to you.

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The second goddess I would like to introduce to you is Guinevere, the Celtic Goddess of love, relationships, and fertility. You can ask Guinevere to send love to your future partner, or Twin Flame, even if you do not know who or where they are. She will assist you in finding your partner, or she can help you to enhance your current relationship. If you are feeling unloved or unlovable, call on Guinevere. She knows that you are perfectly lovable, and she will help you to see that, too.

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Last, but not least, is Isolt, the Celtic Goddess of love and passion in relationships. Call on Isolt to help heal your heart after a breakup or heartache. She can also help you to reignite the passion in your current partnership. Ask Isolt to help you love again, and she will help you to tap into loving energy in a lighthearted and playful way.

Invoking Goddesses.

Remember to show your utmost respect and gratitude when calling in goddesses. They are willing and ready to help, but they do not like it when they are not taken seriously and when their efforts are not recognized. Set aside time to call on them, perhaps just after waking in the morning, or right before going to bed each evening. Another great time to call on them is during or after meditation.

Be sure that you are vibrating high, and have your focus on your intentions. They will be more than happy to help you, but you must know what you are asking for. Practice invoking them for a few days. Ask them to join you throughout your day as you are trying to manifest self-love for yourself, or are working on relationship matters. Don’t forget to thank them for their time!

What do you think? Have you worked with any goddesses before? Have you had the help of goddesses in matters of the heart? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or on social media! And remember, you must ALWAYS love yourself first, before you can truly give your heart to another.

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6 thoughts on “3 Goddesses to Invoke for Romance

  1. Very positive post, and I like your words a lot. And I came across this tonight for some reason. I mean my wife has been dead for over 8 years and I still have not moved on with this pain I carry inside me. I never thought that when you loose a best friend like I had for over 14 years that it would come to an end and so fast. But I know you do not want to hear about my life story, but for some reason I feel like she is still here with me. I mean the world is still moving forward and I know that, but I am sorry I guess I vented to you about this and I need to put my big boy pants on and keep moving forward. But thank you again for this post.

    1. No, I am here to help others and I am more than happy to listen to you vent! I am sorry for your loss, that pain is unimaginable. But here you are, still going and raising your child. Be proud of yourself for your accomplishments! I’m sure your wife is always around you in spirit. Do you ever talk to her? Or perhaps you could try writing her letters about your days? It might help you feel better. ❤

      1. One last note that I have is that I do feel her presence all the time with me, I mean I could be driving or in a store looking at something at then it just sets me off, like a smell or a memory of being in the store together. I mean I know that sound really weird I bet but to me that is the hardest part of it. Why can’t I move forward? I mean she is gone and there are people missing there loved ones everyday and yet I feel like the only one that has gone through this, and that is being selfish about looking at it this way.

        I have so much to do with my daughter, but at the same time I feel like I can’t take the place of what she did for us. But anyways thanks for listening to me. And I hope your having a good day yourself. I know that I will get over this curve at some point I just hope that it happens sooner then later for me. But thanks for the ears and take care and many blessings to you…

        1. I think that something that might be good for you is accepting the way you feel. You are right, there are people missing their loved ones every day, but that should not take away from your experience. I think if you can find some peace of mind, moving on won’t be so hard for you. You can move on without forgetting. But remember to take your time, and love yourself and of course, your daughter. You will be at peace someday. Thank you for sharing with me. Many blessings to you as well. 🙂

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