28 Days to Self-Love Challenge: Day 8 – Playtime

Day Eight.

Hello, my dears! Whew, yesterday’s challenge was some work, eh? Today we are going to continue the healing of our pasts, and childhoods, but in a much simpler way. Today, I am challenging you to let your inner child play.

Yesterday, we talked about how our childhoods have a huge impact on the adults we become, and they have an even larger influence on how we love ourselves. As we continue learning about and practicing self-love, it is important that we spend a good amount of time connecting with our inner child.

How did you feel after completing yesterday’s challenge? Do you feel like there is more from your childhood that you need to heal? If so, I encourage you to repeat yesterday’s challenge a few times. You can also schedule a life coaching session with me, if you want to work through your childhood, together.ย ♥


The challenge.

So, today, find some time to do something you enjoyed as a kid, or at least something that makes you feel like a kid again. What was one of your favorite past-times as a kid? Allow yourself to indulge in the carefree spirit of a child. Paint, color, draw, run outside, play pretend. Do whatever brings you joy and sets your spirit free.

Make sure to give yourself lots of love today, and allow yourself to relax and laugh. You deserve some time to unwind and have fun. Don’t hold yourself back! Yesterday was an intense healing day, which may have brought up some lower emotions for you. Give yourself time to connect with your inner child, and make him/her feel loved.

With love and light,


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