28 Days to Self-Love Challenge: Day 9 – Recognize the Best Parts of You

Day Nine.

I hope you enjoyed allowing your inner child to play yesterday! How do you feel after completing the last two challenges? Are you feeling freer, allowing past hurts from long ago, to be released?

We have officially accomplished over a week of challenges! Can you believe that? We now have about 20 more. How crazy! My hope is that you are feeling very good, and beginning to see yourself in a very loving light!

So, since it has been 8 days, today we are turning our focus inward once more. Today, I challenge you to write 6 things you like about yourself.

On Day 3, I had asked you to write 3 things you like about yourself. Today, I want you to double it. You are welcome to use the first 3 things you listed last week, and add 3 more, or you can write 6 new things! Whichever way you choose to do this challenge, be sure to do it with joy and love in your heart.


And of course, you are invited to post your list to social media, although you do not have to. If you decide to, use the hashtag #28DaystoSelfLoveChallenge, and tag me @modernmysticmorg, on IG and @modernmysticmo on Twitter.

Have fun with today’s challenge! Let me know if it has become easier to list things you love about yourself, or not! I love hearing your thoughts and feedback. Feel free to contact me with anything you wish to share.

And as always, keep in mind that I am available for intuitive readings and life coaching sessions, if you want to work through some of your stuff with me.ย ♥

With love and light,


P.S. Have you…

-Been using your affirmation and looking at your goal?

-Kept up with the mirror work practice?

-Been filling in yourย 28 Days to Self-Love Checklist?

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