28 Days to Self-Love Challenge: Day 10 – Honor Your “Flaws”

Day Ten.

Wow, Day Ten, my friends! Can you believe it? We are doing SO great on this journey to self-love. Take a moment to congratulate yourself and honor the amazing work you have been doing. Take a big, deep, breath, and affirm that you are ready to keep going!

So, just as last week, I first challenged you to write three things you liked about yourself, and three things you disliked. To carry on with this theme, yesterday I asked you to write six things you like about you. This was my way of showing you that you have already begun making progress. Did you feel like it was easier to list six things this week, than it was to list three last week?

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The challenge.

My hope is that you are feeling more and more love for yourself every day. So, today I am challenging you to write only two things you dislike about yourself – they can be two of the same things from last week’s list, or they can be different.

By doing this exercise, I hope you can see that you are starting to have more love for the parts of you that you didn’t love up until this point. Once you have made your list, I want you to get into a meditative state. Take a few breaths, close your eyes, and focus on yourself and your body.

Feel where you might be holding that dislike for a part of you. Send love and light to that area. Ask the angels, Spirit, or whatever deity you feel best resonated with, to help you send healing light and energy to this area. Focus on this for a few moments, and repeat to yourself, “I completely love and accept myself now,” with the intention to heal those two things from your list. Say the affirmation at least five times. Honor your “flaws,” and become aware that each and every part of you is lovable.

When you have finished with this, take some time to reflect and write a journal entry about this experience. What can you do to love those parts of you more? What can you do to completely love yourself as a whole?

Keep in touch with me here, or on social media! I would love to know how these challenges are working for you. ♥

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-Have you been keeping up with your 28 Days to Self-Love Checklist?

-Have you been looking back to your goal for this challenge?

-Have you been using affirmations and practicing the Louise Hay Mirror Work?

-If you want assistance with any of these challenges, or have something you want to work through, schedule a card reading or life coaching session with me.

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