28 Days to Self-Love Challenge: Day 11 – Step Toward Improvement

Day Eleven.

Hello all! Welcome to Day Eleven of the challenge! Today’s challenge just happens to go along perfectly well with the date. 11 is a master number, and when you see 11 or 111, that means that your thoughts are being divinely guided, and that what you are thinking will manifest very quickly for you.

That being said, I want you to recall what you wrote for yesterdays’ challenge. Yesterday, I asked you to write only two things that you dislike about yourself. In the first week of the challenge, I had asked you to write three things you disliked. My hope was that by this point, you would only be able to come up with two areas you wanted to work on.

How was this experience for you? Did you find that you felt more love towards one of the areas you had written in week one? Did you write two areas you wanted to work on with ease, or was there some resistance?

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The Challenge.

Just as with last week, today I challenge you to take a step toward loving those areas on your list from yesterday. Think about what you did last week to draw up more love for those areas on your list. Did it help? What can you do today to love those “flaws,” of yours? Are there any exercises from the 28 Days to Self-Love Challenge that you would like to revisit?

Be sure to use affirmations and positive thinking today. Allow yourself to step into that 11 energy. Feel the love flowing to you from the angels and the Universe. Spend some time in a meditative state, sending love to those areas you want to love.

Remember that you are doing good work, and you are worth it!

With love and light,



-Don’t forget to keep up with your 28 Days to Self-Love Checklist

-Use loving and positive words and thoughts to describe yourself and your life

-Practice Louise Hay’s Mirror Work

-Schedule a life coaching session or card reading with me, if you want a little extra support during this challenge ♥

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