28 Days to Self-Love Challenge: Day 12 – Fun Challenge, Treat Yourself!

Day Twelve.

Well, here we are, almost at the midway point! How are you feeling after the last few days of challenges? Can you feel a change in your energy or the way that you look at yourself? Do you find yourself wanting more, more, more?

Today, we are having another fun challenge. Yay! You have been putting a lot of work into yourself, and this is something that needs to be honored and celebrated. So, today, I challenge you to treat yourself.

Photo by Mark Cruz on Unsplash.

The challenge.

You can go as big or small as you want on this one. Your treat can be as simple as a fancy, expensive drink from Starbucks, or a day at the spa! Whatever you choose, be sure that you choose for YOU.

If you feel like it, take a picture of your treat and post it to Instagram. Tag me @modernmysticmorg, and use the hashtag #28DaystoSelfLoveChallenge. I would love to see how you lovelies go the extra mile to do something nice for you, today. ♥

With love and light,