28 Days to Self-Love Challenge: Day 15 – Share Something About You

Day Fifteen.

Today marks the start of the second half of the challenge! It is crazy to me that we are already halfway through the month!

How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you do anything special for yourself? Did you get the chance to share lots of love and light with your loved ones? How about people in your community that you don’t know? Did you share a few smiles or hello’s?

No matter how you spent yesterday, I hope your day was filled with love! Well, honestly I hope all your days are filled with love!

The challenge.

Today’s challenge is going to be a bit of fun! Today, I challenge you to share something about yourself that most others don’t know. You can do this by sharing to social media, sharing with coworkers, etc. If you share to social media, be sure to use the hashtag #28DaystoSelfLoveChallenge, and tag me (IG: @modernmysticmorg, and Twitter @modernmysticmo). You can also share with me right here in the comments, of course!

Sharing about ourselves with others helps us to better speak and live our truths. Talking about who we are and what we do gives us a better appreciation for our lives, and all we have accomplished. Plus, it can be fun to share our passions and hobbies with others. Don’t you love feeling the excitement of talking about something you love?

Okay, so let me start: One thing most don’t know about me is that my first love was acting. At age nine, I decided I wanted to be an actor. I acted in community plays, and short films from nine to twenty-one. I actually one a National Youth Award for my performance as the Evil Queen in Snow White, at the age of 16 – and yes, I am still very proud of that accomplishment!

I absolutelyย lovedย my theater days. I met a lot of fantastic people who truly impacted my life. I learned a lot, became more comfortable in my own skin, and found people who introduced me to my true calling. Sometimes I want to return to theater, but I think that will have to be on hold for now. Maybe when I have a more flexible schedule, I will.ย ♥

So, now it’s your turn! Tell us something we don’t know, and own it, baby!

With love and light,


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