28 Days to Self-Love Challenge: Day 17 – Adding More to Your List

Day Seventeen.

Hello, hello! How have you been keeping up with the challenges and your side work? Have you been finding the time to write about how the challenges are making you feel on your 28 Days to Self-Love Checklist? Have you been keeping up with the Mirror Work, and just using positive terminology when describing yourself and your life, in general?

Did you get the chance to read yesterday’s post, featuring my friend, Alexis? If so, did you see the challenge we presented to you at the end? What did you decide to do? Did you pick something from our list, or did you find something else that was better suited to your needs? Let me know in the comments or on social media!

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash.

The challenge.

We are quickly approaching the end of this challenge, with only ten days left, after today. So, I am hoping that you are feeling more comfortable with who you are, what your truth is, and what you stand for.

Honestly, just writing these challenges and participating in them myself, is giving me a better understanding of what my purpose entails, and I am finding more confidence in myself to keep working towards what I am trying to accomplish.

If you have not noticed yet, I have a bit of a pattern going on with these challenges. Therefore, today I am challenging you to write nine things you love about yourself. The first week, I asked you to write three things, the second week, I asked you to write six things, so now it is this week, and I am asking you to write nine.

You may, of course, use the same items you used before, OR if you really want to challenge yourself, and dig deeper, you can write nine new things. Do whatever feels best to you. Maybe you feel like you can come up with more than nine things? Go for it, if you want to!

Remember to be gentle with yourself during this process. Honor your Spirit and who you are on the inside. Recognize all the beautiful parts within you, that make you, you. Are there any “flaws,” from previous weeks that you have learned to love, which you can add to today’s list? Hmm…

As always, let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance. I am more than happy to help guide you on your journey!

With love and light,



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