28 Days to Self-Love Challenge: Day 18 – That Last “Flaw”

Day Eighteen.

Hello my friends! We have been doing some great work over the past two and a half weeks. Yesterday, I challenged you to increase your list of things you love about yourself. So, you know what is happening today, right?

Today I am asking you to look at your list of “flaws” from past weeks. Do you still find yourself disliking those parts of you? If your answer is yes, I am challenging you to replace that distaste with love.

Me, embracing that self-love.

I know that it can take some time to fully love and accept every part of you. And that is why we are putting in the work, now. Use positive visualization, today. Sit or lay down in a comfortable place, in a sacred space, where you will not be bothered.

Enter a meditative state by focusing on your breath. When you are fully relaxed, imagine yourself and all that you are. However this comes through to you is perfectly fine. Focus on all the things you love about you. Allow different images, colors, and symbols to fill your mind.

Then shift your focus to that last flaw that you are learning to love. What does it look like? What colors is it represented by? What type of energy or emotions do you feel when imagining this part of you? Make note of all these things.

After you have identified this part of you, how it appears, and how it makes you feel, envision a wave of love surrounding it, and washing over it. This can be in the form of white or pink light, or it can be whatever feels right to you. Allow this energy to surround this part of you for a few minutes, or as long as you can.

When you have finished with this, affirm that you love that part of yourself, or at least that you are beginning to. For example, say, “I now accept (this part) of me. I am ready to love myself more.” Repeat this affirmation a few times, or add to it to make it your own. Remember this is for your benefit. What you feel will work best absolutely will.

Try this practice as many times as you see fit. The more you do it, the easier it will become for you to love that part of you. Remember to keep practicing Louise Hay’s Mirror Work, and repeating your goal/affirmation from Day 1.

You are strong, and doing an amazing thing for yourself. ♥

With love and light,


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