Earth Magic Reading for the Week of 2.18.18-2.24.18

Energy is changing.

Starting today, energy around you is changing. You may feel confused or concerned about what direction you are going to take next. Earth Spirit is reminding you to think of life as what it truly is: a gift.

With each blessing and each lesson you receive, keep in mind that your experiences are yours alone, and each one was designed to play a role in your development, and enlightenment.

Spend time in nature this week to reconnect with the Earth and your spirit. Allow yourself the proper time needed to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Embody the power of the sun, and allow your inner light to shine through.

Don’t be afraid to follow the rainbow. Your dreams are waiting for you to find them. It may not be the most clear path at the moment, but the fog will soon lift.


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Have a blessed week!

With love and light,


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