Walk with Angels: Invite Angels into Your Life for Healing, Support, and Love

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She talks to angels.

Over the past few years of my life, I have been building my relationship with the archangels and my personal guardian angel. And over the last couple months, I have felt this bond grow even deeper.

I have had some fun experiences with my angels. A few weeks ago, I was pulling cards to share on Instagram. I looked at my Archangel Michael deck, and said, “No, I want to use it, but I use that deck all the time. I’m going to use another one.”

So, I chose a different deck, and left the Archangel Michael deck on the table, where it was when I walked in the room. I started shuffling the other deck and the Michael deck fell off the table and onto the floor…


It was on the table a flat surface. Oh yeah, my angels always let me know what I should be doing. 😉

So, I picked up the deck and started shuffling that one. A card fell out as I was shuffling, so I was thinking, “Wow, Michael really has a message he wants to share.” I shared the message on Instagram, and someone commented that the message confirmed something for them, and that they loved knowing Archangel Michael was with them.

How amazing is that?

Angels came to visit us on our photo-shoot this weekend.

Calling on angels.

Yes, so that story is just a fun example of why I love communicating with my angels so much. I call on them every time I do a reading for a client, pretty much every time I write a blog post, and for so many little reasons throughout the day.

These other little reasons are what I want to talk to you about today. I have been calling on my angels when I feel anxious, and I ask them to help me feel better. One day last week, I was feeling very odd. Just…off, I guess. I pulled from my Angel Therapy card deck, and would you believe the Archangel Michael card came up?

I immediately fell to my knees, and began to pray to Michael. I asked him to help me feel less weird and anxious, so that I could accomplish all the things I wanted to get done that day. I let myself sit there for a moment, and imagined divine light surrounding me, and uplifting me. Within 20 minutes, I was feeling perfectly fine, and I was able to tackle a lot that day, without even thinking about how anxious I felt before.

A few nights ago, I was feeling a migraine coming on. It woke me up in the middle of the night, and I had to go get medicine, which I hate doing. I also put lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil on my temple, with a carrier oil. I got back in bed, and asked my angels to help heal this migraine, and to help heal whatever thoughts or emotions I was holding onto that were causing the migraine. I woke up the next morning migraine free, which was incredible because usually Tylenol doesn’t take away my migraines. I think it was the oils, and the power of the angels.

Prayers in the Park, Calling on the Angels.

Every morning when I leave the house, I ask the angels to protect me and my energy, to protect my home and animals while I am away, and to help me have a good day. Doing this really helps me to be calm as I start the workday. I also call on the angels each night before bed, asking them to protect my family, pets, friends, Taylor, and myself. I ask them to help us attract more abundance, keep us healthy, and safe, and help our days to be filled with love. I even ask them to help us sleep peacefully through the night!

Needless to say, my days and nights are pretty good! I love knowing that my angels are always walking with me, and helping me with whatever I ask them to. This post is both a gratitude post to them, and a way to get their word out.

If you haven’t worked much with the angels, I highly suggest you invite them into your life. My angels (and my spirit guides) and I have a very fun relationship. They are not scary, or too intense. I mean, they are intense, but they are not a heavy energy. They are light, and honestly, I find myself laughing when they are communicating with me, more than anything.

Thank you to Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, any other archangels who come and go, Lucas, my guardian, and all my spirit guides. I am eternally grateful for your guidance and assistance. ♥

With love and light,



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