28 Days to Self-Love Challenge: Day 20 – Allow Yourself to Let Go

Day Twenty.

So, the last few challenges have been kind of chill, really. I felt it was important to have a few days with less intense work for a couple of reasons. Number one, if you have been taking my challenges every day, then you are really making some great progress on how you view yourself, and your life. That is great work! Sometimes you need a few days to let it all sink in.

The second reason I felt a little break was in order is because there are going to be a few very intense days coming up in my challenge. Today is the start of them.

Letting go for the better good.

As humans, we have a natural tendency to hold onto things that do not serve our highest good. We are blessed with the gift of memory. And that makes it easy for us to replay important scenarios in our  minds as often as we like. Sometimes you may not even want to replay a certain memory – but for some reason you do!

Sometimes it is all too easy to relive old times where we may have been hurt, where we experienced loss, or where we felt like we were wronged. Then we allow ourselves to get trapped in negative thoughts, and wrapped up in old emotions.

It is not wrong to have these emotions, or feelings toward a certain situation. What is detrimental to your well being is holding on to these things when there is nothing left to gain.

Everything you experience in life is a blessing and/or a lesson. So, when something happens that deeply upsets you, you most certainly have the right to experience the emotions you feel that come along with that instance. But then you must let it go.

Holding on to old energies, emotions, thoughts, habits, etc. only hurts you. Replaying that same old story in your head only upsets you. Then you may find yourself being mad at someone who is still in your life. Or you may be mad at someone who is no longer in your life. You might start to feel mad at yourself. While all this is happening, it is likely that you are not feeling your best. You lose your energy, your mood changes, and you don’t feel good physically.

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The challenge.

Today I am challenging you to let go of the energy you are holding onto from something in your past. This does not mean that you must force yourself to forget that this thing happened. This means that you must let go of the pain, the sadness, or the hate that you feel toward this situation, or the person(s) involved.

Call in your higher self, the angels, or any deity you feel comfortable with. Ask them to protect you and help you to let go of this energy. One thing you can try is writing out the situation. Write it out exactly as you remember it, with as much detail as you possibly can recall. Write out how you felt as it happened, how you felt in the time afterwards, and how you feel about it now.

After you have gotten all your thoughts down, take the paper outside and burn it. As you do this affirm: I am ready to release the energy and emotions tied to this situation. I am ready to let go and heal. And so it is.

Once you have completed this exercise, be sure to give yourself lots of love. Make sure you take good care of your body, and get plenty of rest. Drink plenty of water, and eat foods to raise your vibration. This will help you to clear out that old energy from your body.

In all this, remember that you are loved. I love you. Today is going to be a great day. Be proud of your accomplishments. And be proud of how committed you are to yourself. ♥

With love and light,


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