28 Days to Self-Love Challenge: Day 26 – Love Your Loved Ones

Day Twenty-Six.

Hello dears! Wow, it has been an incredible twenty-five days, huh? How are you feeling? Are there any noticeable changes in your energy levels, thoughts, or moods? Are you finding it easier to be gentle with yourself and love yourself, even when adversity strikes?

How did the last two days of challenges go for you? Were you able to let go and forgive yourself? What difficulties came up as you worked through your past? What emotions came up? What were some of your successes from these exercises?

Today, we are going to focus on something much more uplifting. You have worked very hard over the past few weeks. You have worked through significant hurts from your childhood, forgave another, and forgave yourself. You learned how to let go, and you learned how to look at yourself with eyes of love. So, today, I am challenging you to show unconditional love to your family and friends.

You have filled your cup more than it has been filled before. Now you have plenty of true, pure, love to share with your loved ones. Don’t hold back, today. Share as much love as you possibly can! Visit friends and family, call them, or message them in some way. Let them know you are thinking of them and that you love them.

Show gratitude to the Universe and Spirit for all you have been provided with. Whether it be opportunities, material goods, family and friends, pets, etc. Thank the Universe and Spirit for it all. Thank them for yourself, and the newfound love that fills your heart.

Copyright Robinson/Migliorisi and Modern Mystic Musings.


The challenge is almost over, and I am kind of sad to see it go. But I am so happy with the results. I feel that you enjoyed it, and that makes me happy! My goal and my dream in life is to help others heal, and love themselves. I hope it is working so far. 🙂

Have a blessed day!

With love and light,


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