Monday Mantra: 02.26.18

Let go and receive.

Good morning, friends, and happy Monday to you! This week’s Monday Mantra comes from a short story I have to tell about my weekend. I was making myself crazy with some business stuff. I was trying my hardest to control a technical part of blogging. So, I jumped into something prematurely.

I was able to fix the problem, after some mild anxiety, and thankfully, all is well. From this short-lived experience, I was reminded of a conversation I was having with a friend. We were discussing how we must surrender to the Universe, and instead of trying to control every part of our business, we mustallow the Universe to provide for us. That is exactly the message that I wish to share with you, today.

It is good to have goals and deadlines you want to meet, and it is good to practice positive visualization when you are working on manifesting your dreams. But once you have done that, and done all you can physically to make your dreams come true, you must let the Universe do some good work for you.

Keep up with the visualization. Keep talking about how awesome your dream is, and how well it is all going to come together. Keep that image, and that love, joy, and inspiration in your heart. But don’t beat yourself up if things don’t move as quickly as you would like them to. Don’t drop the whole dream before you give it the chance to grow into something more than just a seed. Set your intentions, and open yourself up to receiving from the Universe. Once you surrender your control, you will be truly surprised by how quickly the Universe will start working for you. So, repeat after me…


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Use this affirmation today to help you surrender to the Universe. Trust that all will work out in Divine timing and order. Everything is going to work out in the best way possible, as long as you stay positive and remain open to the good that wants to come to you.

Have a blessed Monday!

With love and light,


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