Spirit-Zona: Visit Arizona to Nourish your Spirit

White Tank Mountains, Arizona.

Taylor and I got up early on Thursday morning to go to the White Tank Mountains before I had to work. I wanted to go there because I wanted to shoot some good photos to use on my blog – like the featured image. 😉

I had not been to the White Tank Mountains in years, so I was not too sure what to expect. Let me tell you, what was supposed to be a quick photo-shoot turned into a deep spiritual adventure.

Google said the White Tanks were only 22 minutes from my apartment. I knew they were close to home, but I had no idea such a great escape was right down the road. We live in the valley, meaning we are surrounded by mountains. All the roads in the valley are extremely flat. We don’t drive on hills, and there are hardly any dips in the road.

It was so cool driving towards these mountains, watching as the road began to dip up and down. It was like riding a roller-coaster. And all the way there the mountains are getting bigger and bigger until you are immersed in them.

It only costs $6 to enter. We drove into the mountains until we found a trail we wanted to take. It was called Waterfall Trail. I was trying my damnedest to find the waterfall, because it rained earlier this week, and I knew it would be amazing for pictures. We ended up not having enough time to take the entire trail, though.

But everything that we did get to see was absolutely stunning. As you walk through the mountains, it looks like they are moving and breathing with you. The desert comes to life, yet there are no sounds. We stopped for a moment to observe the total silence – something you never hear in town.

Then we started to hear some birds chirping. We saw a few small critters running around. There were other people hiking and they all were so friendly. It was like being in another world.

Yes, he is wearing a Hawaiian shirt in the desert.

We just walked around smiling, taking pictures, and talking about how amazing our lives are. Taylor and I are both from other states, and moved to Arizona as kids (in the same year, how crazy is that?). We talked about how much we love Arizona now, even though we hated the idea of moving here as children.

I can’t describe the energy of the mountains. I felt as if all my senses, especially my spiritual ones, were heightened. This was a magical journey and I am so glad we went and adventured. I plan on spending a lot more time in the White Tanks.

Desert Energy.

There are so many magical places in Arizona. Can we talk about Sedona and the Grand Canyon for a minute? Sedona is literally one of my favorite places, and is known to many for its spiritual energy. If you are in need of spiritual awakening, or a spiritual journey in general, I highly suggest visiting this amazing state.

We were driving home and talking about how beautiful the energy was in the White Tanks. We started joking about how the cacti must start to dance around and talk at night, when the mountains are closed to visitors. I said it was a shame that we didn’t ask any light-beings to appear in our pictures, because I could feel all the nature spirits around us. We got home and I was looking at the pictures we took, and discovered these:


Can you see the orbs? I like to think they are angels or desert fairies. 🙂

So yes, if you need an enlightening adventure, come to Arizona. You will not regret it. I love living here. If it were not for Arizona, I would not be the person I am today.

What do you think? Have you been to Arizona?

With love and light,


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