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e.l.f. forever.

Hey hey! This week I tried out some new products from e.l.f. and I have to say I am totally stoked on the outcome! I was in need of a new foundation, but seriously I did not want to spend all the dollars on it, considering I had just paid to get my hair cut.

So, I went to the e.l.f. section in Walmart, because I have had good experiences with them in the past. I found four new products – well, new to me – and decided to give them a try!


First, I picked up the foundation,  because that was why I was there in the first place. This foundation is only $6. What a steal, huh? It covers really well. I love the way it seems to brighten up my face. Plus, it is oil free and has SPF 15. It glides on really smooth, and you only need a small amount to cover your whole face.


I think using the concealer palette also made a huge difference. I have wanted a concealer palette for a long time, and just didn’t know which one to start with. I am very happy that I decided to go with e.l.f. It has four colors in it, and as you can tell from the pictures, I have gotten the most use out of the green, red, and nude colors.

I apply the green to any blemishes or old acne scars first. Then I follow it with the nude color. Then I put the red over the circles under my eyes, and in the corners of my eyes. I go over that with the nude, as well. My eyes were looking so bright this week. It almost spooked me looking in the mirror at times. My eyes are forever purple with circles. Must be because I am a wise one. 😉

So yeah, then I put the foundation on, of course. The colors and the foundation blend really well together. It is kind of humorous looking at myself with all these blotches of color on my face though. I pray no one knocks on my front door during this process (this happened to me last week, but I didn’t have the color palette, just regular concealer!)


So naturally, after I snatched these two items, I was drawn to the mist & sets. The one I had at home was almost empty. A few months ago, I posted about the one I have been using. My eyes were led to the one I picked up this week, the Matte Magic Mist & Set. I just wanted to give it a go, and I like it. I can’t say I prefer one over the other, but I definitely like this one! It does give a matte effect, and seriously these three things together have been making my face look flawless. Well, these and the skincare routine I do before applying makeup…


Last but not least, I decided to pick up an e.l.f. lip color. If you have been reading my ipsy posts, you know I have been struggling with finding a good lip color, lately. I mean, there are plenty of lip glosses that I love, but I have been on the hunt for something matte, and something that isn’t a huge mess like the lip-stains I have been receiving. Low and behold, is this baby. It goes on real smooth and definitely is not a huge mess. However, I got the Tea Rose color, which is a very attractive name. It looks a little too purple on me, though. I love the product, but my skin needs a different color. I think I want to go back and try one with more of a red or mocha tint. Those tend to look good on me. 🙂


So there you have my week in makeup. I have been having so much fun playing with makeup and talking to beauty companies. I am not affiliated with e.l.f. but I do have a new affiliate that you will meet next weekend! Yay!

I also want to remind you about the promotion I am running with Unwash. Definitely go to their website and check them out! I love their co-wash method. And I love washing my hair knowing that I am restoring its natural beauty, instead of stripping it away. If you check out their website, grab the try me kit they have. That’s what I started with, and I certainly do not regret it! Oh, and don’t forget to use the coupon code MORGAN10 for 10% off your purchase!

What are your thoughts? Do you like e.l.f.? Have you tried or heard about Unwash yet? What’s your favorite beauty product right now?

With love and light,


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