Journey Into 5D

New Earth Energies.


Over a year ago, one of my dear friends shared information with me about the Event that is going to take place on Earth. In short, this Event involves a wave of powerful energy and divine love, which will wash over our planet. All inhabitants, including animals and plants, will be impacted by this energy. It will be so uplifting and loving that it will not go unnoticed. As it happens, we will be ascending from the third dimension, through the fourth dimension, ending in the fifth dimension. Some lightworkers are already finding themselves living in one dimension one day, and another the next.


Most people who have had a touch of enlightenment are feeling these energies changing around us. Those who are not in touch spiritually, or are not open to understanding the ways of Spirit, the Universe, or the One Consciousness will be in for a very intense awakening. But after all this takes place, we will be living in New Earth. It is said that there will be a financial reset, our healthcare system will change, and there will be unity among all living beings.


I have heard and read that many spiritual teachers and healers believe that this Event will be taking place during this week. I also read another post that said it could happen any time between now and 2020. The reason I am writing this post is to share with you what I feel and think is happening AND what has been happening to me since the beginning of this month.



So, one thing I have noticed since the beginning of March is that I have allergies or a cough. It started with a cough. Then I stayed home from work one day with a migraine and sinus problems. It went away. Now two weeks later, I am getting another cough. I read that this is a sign of ascension – the best part about that is that Iย wasn’t lookingย for that answer. I found it while reading a post fromย Cool stuff, huh?


My boyfriend also had his first astral projection experience. During that experience, he was dreaming that the Event was happening. He said he could feel the vibration of it, and that during the dream, I told him to lay down to take in the energy flowing through us. Then he began to astral project, but didn’t go through all the way. I woke up to him moaning and woke him up when I thought I heard him say, “Babe!” He jolted up and told me about the experience. It was wild! So, I find it interesting that he had an experience like that, NOW, especially because his dream WAS about the Event.


Another thing I have noticed is that a lot of things have been coming up for me that I need to heal from. It could be things that actually happened to me, or it could be my own thought patterns. But either way, I have been coming into greater understanding and awareness.


I also started meditating daily for a few days. That totally changed my mindset about a lot of things! Meditating really does have an impact on your overall mood for the day. I ended up skipping a few days after meditating daily, and I was in a bad mood for no apparent reason! I highly recommend meditating to prepare for the Event, and in general for your overall well-being.


So yes, those are a few of the things I have been experiencing. I have also been way tired, drinking lots and lots of water, and experiencing bad neck pain – all symptoms of the ascension! The reason I am sharing this with you is because I want you to be aware that something big might be coming.


I personally feel that energy is coming to Earth, whether it be the Event or not. I hope with all my being that the Event is actually coming. We need a bit of magic on this planet, to take us back to our roots and help us heal. I would love to see a financial reset and I would love to see our healthcare system improve. But most of all, I want to live on a planet where everyone loves each other and is accepting. I know I came to Earth to help make this happen. So, it would only make sense if the Event did come.


I pulled a few different card spreads on the Event. My cards and my pendulum keep telling me it is coming. And so is my body, of course. I will post about the card readings I have done very soon, so that you can see.


So, what do you think? Can you feel the energy shift that is coming? Or do you think nothing is happening? Let me know in the comments!


With love and light,


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