What is Spiritual Awakening to You?

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Entering New Earth.

Yesterday, I posted a little about what has been going on with me as we transition into the 5D. To be honest with you, I have not been able to stop thinking about the Event and whether or not it is going to be happening. That being said, I feel that something is most certainly happening. And of course, many others are feeling it, too.


I read some interesting posts tonight about how the great waves of energy coming are affecting us. I have been feeling a lot of the symptoms, as I mentioned in last night’s post… The only thing that gets to me when I read posts about the energy, the Event, and New Earth is that no one knows for sure what is happening. So, I come to you tonight with this question: What is Spiritual Awakening to you, and what would you like to see change if the Event were to take place?


My Ideal Event.

So, if the Event happens, I want to feel great the entire time (and preferably I will be at home when it hits). I want to feel the love of Spirit and my angels and guides all around me. I want to feel connected to the Earth and her animals, plants, and people. I want to give as much love to my family and friends as possible. Then I want to spread that love throughout my community, with my blog readers, and my clients.


I feel that the reason I am on Earth now is to guide people during this time. I have always felt that something was going to happen and that I would play an influential role. So, I would love the opportunity to do this now. I want to transition out of my current job and run my business full-time. I am hoping that if the Event comes, that the financial reset comes with it, so that I will no longer be in debt to any companies, and I may quit my job to do this full-time. Perhaps I am getting too carried away, and trying to rush things too quickly. Either way, I feel that the energy within me is changing. Surely, it must be time for me to part ways and grow, right?


Another thing I hope the Event brings is less violence. I am so tired of hearing about guns in schools. I am so tired of hearing about people hating each other for every reason under the sun. I want to see more unity. I want to see more love. I think we could benefit from greater understanding and compassion. And freedom. Freedom to do what makes us happy.  If everyone were a bit happier, I bet violence rates would drop tremendously.


Anyway, this post is a bit rambly, but that’s all I can manage right now. I am getting lots of information from Spirit, especially in my sleep and when I am writing. So, it gets hard for me to write cohesively. I feel as if words are just flowing from me and I can’t really remember what all I have written. Yay for the ascension!


So, let me leave you with a reminder: on March 23rd, Mercury is going retrograde. This is a time of healing. Lots of things from our pasts may be coming back for us to deal with, including people. Remember that if the Event/ascension into 5D is really happening, that it is vital that you continue to heal yourself. Let whatever emotions or problems of the past that want to come up, come up, during this time. Find a healthy way to deal with each situation. And please, please, give yourself lots of love. Get plenty of rest and don’t go too long without water.


Mercury also rules communication. Make sure to be very clear with your loved ones during this time. Don’t leave room for misinterpretation. Make sure all your plans are solid. Double check them multiple times if you must. Oh, and be careful when traveling. Travel plans can get funky during Mercury retrograde, too. Electronics may not work properly, either. Also, Mercury retrograde is not a good time to start anything new, but it is a good time to continue working on a project you started before, but never finished.


If you are in need of further guidance about any of the subjects I touched on tonight, please take a look at my Services in my Shop. I am here to provide you with the insights you need for your journey and I want to help. Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions and comment on this post, as well.


With love and light,



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