Release, Release, Release: Tips on Healing Old Energies as They Come Up

The time is NOW.


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We have entered an intense period of spiritual growth and enlightenment, here on Mother Earth. I feel that the transitions and events to come are ones that will be spoken of hundreds of years from now, much like stories of King Arthur and Merlin are spoken of.


The people on our planet are waking up. Most of us are experiencing various ascension symptoms, such as headaches, digestive issues, and fatigue. I have been experiencing a lot of energy moving through my solar plexus chakra, and this has been very intense for me. I feel as if my intuition is leveling up and I am very excited to see what happens next.


More and more people have been drawn to my energy. I am being asked a lot about the work that I do and what the crystals I am wearing mean. People are taking notice to the more spiritual and new agey things. This pleases my soul very much, you have no idea. I am a wise one and trying to teach humanity the ways of the Earth, Spirit, and the Universe has been my job for many, many, lifetimes. It feels good to finally be living in a timeline where a difference is being made once more.


But enough of that. Let’s get down to business, here. What comes along with ascension symptoms is healing. As you experience feelings in your chakras and various discomforts throughout your body, you are actually dealing with and healing “old stuff.”


Do not feel ashamed of this. Healing old energy is a very beneficial thing to do, whether we are transitioning into 5D or not! Old emotions, thought patterns, and energies get stuck in our bodies if they are not properly dealt with at the time, thus causing us an array of illnesses, or as Louise Hay so cleverly pointed out: dis-eases.


With so many going through the awakening process, I was guided to write a few tips on how you can deal with what is coming up for you, in a healthy way. Seriously, my guides even gave me the title of this post. I was half asleep, and they told me to this. 😉



Heal them energies.


I mentioned this a few weeks back, but I am going to mention it again right now. If you are not already, please begin meditating daily – or at least a few times a week. I was not meditating daily or even weekly, just two months ago. Seriously, I wish I had been all along. You can read about my early experiences with daily meditation in this post.


I am feeling closer to Spirit than I ever have before! I am able to manifest things quicker, and I am understanding my body and energy way better than I was before. Meditation is really what is helping me the most through this ascension period. I highly, highly, suggest you start doing it. YouTube is a great place to start looking, if you are not sure where to begin.


Another thing that has helped me a lot is taking Himalayan pink sea-salt baths. Himalayan salt helps to clear your aura and etheric body of any energy that has stuck onto you. I have a lavender Himalayan sea-salt bath soak that I love! I suggest you start doing this if you are extremely sensitive to others’ energy.


So, those are suggestions that can help you stay clear of energy you don’t want, whether it is old or new. But how do you heal energy that has been stored within you for months, years, most of your life?


That type energy is extremely old. Since you are ascending, and waking up, it is likely that your body is feeling pained in areas where you may have been physically hurt in the past. Or energy from different hurts and traumas could be lingering in different parts of your body. Check out the book You Can Heal Your Life, from Louise Hay. Literally, this is probably my favorite book. I reference it ALL THE TIME. This is the same book I quoted earlier, with the “dis-ease.” Louise Hay is such an inspiration to me. She is one of my favorite authors and teachers.


The book goes through various physical symptoms and links them to emotional or energetic issues you might be having, many of which stem from a place of fear or a lack of self-love. Louise provides affirmations to help heal each physical and emotional symptom you may be dealing with. Definitely check out this book and the other works from Louise Hay if you are looking to do some deeper healing work. Here is the link to her website.


Even if you don’t look into Louise Hay, you should find some affirmations to help you with your ascension period. Make sure that you are filling your mind, body, and spirit with lots of loving thoughts. Go the extra mile to show yourself some love. Do things that make you feel good. I have been spending a lot of time enhancing my self-care/beauty routine, and seriously this is helping a lot. I am feeling so much better because I am giving myself the rest and care that I need. This will help with the ascension process so much.


Another fabulous thing to do, which I always tend to recommend, is journaling. I am reading a book called Kundalini & the Chakras: Evolution in this Lifetimeand in the book, the author mentions keeping a journal of your ascension journey so that you may be as real as you want to AND so that you may write your own book about this someday! I love that, I think it’s so funny and perfect.


What is really great about it though, is that I had already started journaling about my experiences. This is a crazy and beautiful time. I felt that keeping record of it will help me to better understand what is happening within myself and the world. So, I recommend that you journal about what emotions and energies are coming up for you. Write about the memories you are revisiting, write about how these situations made you feel at the time, how you feel about them now, and what needs to be healed. You may be surprised by the insights that come to you as you write.


So, there you have my suggestions for healing energies as they arise. Remember to give yourself lots of love and support as we continue to transition and ascend. We are creating heaven on Earth and this is a great time to be alive! Do not resist the changes, ask Spirit and your guides and angels to help you adjust with ease. All is well. And so it is.


If you feel like you would like some assistance healing old energy and blockages, consider scheduling a Chakra Balancing Session with me. I would be happy to guide you during this time!


With love and light,





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