You Can Heal Your Life – A MUST READ

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You CAN Heal Your Life.


The year was 2012. I was experiencing my second major wave of ascension. I was becoming more and more aware of my gifts and graces. My intuition was “leveling up,” so-to-speak. I could feel my mind-body-spirit connection deepening.


It was around this time that I started experimenting with tarot cards more. I began really delving into dream interpretation and experimenting with my clairvoyant abilities, along with my inner knowing. I began writing a lot during this time. I would mainly write strange, “prophetic” poems. And this is what led me to discover the book that truly changed my life.


In one of my little poems, I wrote a piece about physical illness and its spiritual relationship. I still have that journal, so this quote is taken directly from what I wrote. I even dated it, January 9, 2012:


People don’t always catch the contagious illnesses of those around them, because it does not contain the message that those healthy need at the moment. However, when people do catch the illnesses of those around them, they pass it off because, “So-and-so just had this; I caught it from them,” when in actuality, they caught it because there is a message, which is obviously overlooked.


I was only a teenager when I wrote that. I was coming into all kinds of insight, and I was loving it. The energy around me at that time was wild, and I often miss it. It was around that time that I began to realize how truly powerful my manifestation abilities were. But that is a story for another time…



So, you can imagine that when I found the above book on one of my mom’s bookshelves a few months later, I was completely astounded. I had no idea anyone else had ever come to the conclusion that our thoughts, emotions, and energy can impact our health in such drastic physical incarnations. I picked up my mom’s copy of Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Lifeand I never looked back.


So, what is in the book that I love so much? This particular copy of the book includes many different exercises to help you release negative thought patterns and habits. It also has exercises to help you relax and learn how to love yourself more. Louise Hay is forever stressing the importance of self-love, and I totally agree. Self-love is the key to living the life of your dreams…


Louise Hay also shares her story and healing journey in the end of the book. It is an amazing and inspiring story, and I highly recommend that you read her story alone, if you are not interested in this book. Basically, the entire book is based on the idea that we can heal our bodies with the use of positive affirmations, healthy eating, healthy habits, and with energy work/homeopathic ways of healing. When she shares the details of her story, she connects the emotions she was holding onto to the experiences she was having with her health. I just love that she was able to prove her theory (contained in this book). She proved it works, by healing herself.


At the very back of the book, she shares a long list of physical “dis-eases,” and attaches a thought pattern to them that may be causing the problem. Seriously, every time I am facing an illness, or someone in my life is ill, I reference this book. Let me tell you: Louise’s connections have never been wrong. Of course, I like to tell people to listen to their intuition and what their body is telling them, and decide if the book’s answers are in alignment with them. I always tell my boyfriend, if it is not something Louise can answer, then it is a chakra problem. And I do find that to always be true.


So, along with each ailment and metaphysical reason for it, Louise also provides a healing affirmation for you to repeat. I have used these affirmations many times. And yes, I do feel instant relief when I say them and mean them.




I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to heal. This book is an incredible companion on your healing journey. I have not been to a doctor for illness in years. I find that with the use of this book, I can also help my body to heal faster. Now, I am not a doctor, so I don’t want you to ignore things your doctor might be telling you. But what I am saying, is that you might want to look into this book to complement the things you and your doctor are doing together.


Your healing is important. Holding onto past traumas, negative thoughts, and heavy emotions will not be good for your soul or your body. Put yourself and your health at the top of your priorities list. You will be happy that you did!


Have you ever read this book? Have you read any works by Louise Hay? If so, what are your thoughts? Stay in contact with me here and on social media! I love to hear your thoughts!


With love and light,


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