Energy Update – Dawning of New Day

Dawning of New Day.


Hello, hello! Who else felt the energy wave wash over our planet over the past few days? I can feel so many changes taking place within myself and on this planet. Things are happening at a rapid pace. Not to mention what is happening globally.


During this time, I am feeling guided to remind you to pray for world peace daily. If we want there to be a major energy shift on this planet, we must put our focus and manifestation abilities into it. We are creators by nature. We hold within us, innate abilities, which will help guide us as we create the world we wish to see. Do not lose hope. Love yourself, and love each other.


That being said, I did pull three cards this morning to tell us a little bit about the energy shifts happening. They are as follows:



Card one: One of Wind – Dawn.

This card is truly perfect, if you ask me! One represents new beginnings and cycles. We are on the cusp of the New Earth. Many lightworkers, Earth Angels, and starseeds are working away, trying to draw in this new light. And it is happening right before our eyes. Let go of all that no longer serves you. Do not look into this bright future with fear. All will be well. All is well. We are safe.


Pay attention to any new ideas that you get at this time. Spirit is guiding us all in the direction of our life paths. If you get a crazy idea for a new project or a new pathway, follow it. As energies change on Earth, energies change within us. It is natural for you to be guided in a new direction. Not only is it natural, but it is also in divine timing and in true alignment with your soul.


Card two: Seven – The Chariot.

Sevens represent our life purposes. We are all coming into our own and learning how to speak our truth. Listen to and follow where you are being guided.


The Chariot represents how things are speeding up, as I said above. We are moving quickly towards a focal point, so-to-speak. Things are happening rapidly. Do not resist these energies. Make time to care for yourself. Eat healthy foods, and plenty of raw vegetables and fruits. Get outside if you can. Walk, spend time in nature. Give yourself lots and lots of love. Doing all of these things will help you relax, connect with Spirit, and go with the flow.


Card three: Two of Fire – Convergence.

Two represents things coming together. You may see your plans starting to form. You may meet your soulmate, or Twin Flame. You may be joined together with someone or something that helps you along your path.


Things are becoming clearer. You may find better clarity and enhanced focus as you create the things you want most in your life. You may feel resistance as you clear out old things such as thought patterns or habits. Do not worry, as it is all for the best. You are in the process of ascension, and you are building a strong foundation for this new cycle. And so it is.


It is happening.


I have been flowing with the energies as they come. I have been feeling myself “level up,” intuitively. Lots of ancient wisdom from my past lives has been coming up. And I have also been clearing a lot of old energy from this lifetime. These things have led me to the decision to re-brand myself. So, get ready to see more of my soul in my images and presentation of myself. I am going to draw energy, memories, and wisdom from my past lives into the NOW, so that I may be able to serve you better.


And with that, I am going to leave you with a song that has been helping me through these energy shifts. We are creating a beautiful tomorrow, my friends.



With love and light,



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