Energy Update: Time to Go Within

Happiness is a choice.


This week, I am feeling a strong need for us all to go within. We are in the early stages of this year’s Saturn Retrograde, and there was another energy wave that hit us this past week, around midweek. I have been feeling ascension symptoms strongly, once more. With each wave, my symptoms return. I found a fabulous dark chocolate that really seemed to help with my headaches. Definitely get yourself some if you are experiencing pain in your third eye or crown chakra. The one I got was 88% percent cacao. Go for the higher ones for this to work, not the super sweet ones!



Other things that I have been dealing with lately are old thought patterns and habits that are no longer serving me. I keep getting caught up in fears and thought patterns that are not for my highest good. This is a natural occurrence during this time. If you are experiencing things like this, try not to worry. Old stuff is going to be coming up for a while. It is time that we look within, and do our inner healing work, so that we may continue to thrive in our New Earth.


The cards I chose to take a look at this week’s energy is the The Medieval Scapini Tarot. This reading contains four cards that fell out of the deck while I was shuffling, as well as the card that came up at the bottom of the deck.



Card One: Five of Cups.

The five of cups represents you. This card shows that if you are unhappy, it is from your own creation. This is not a bad thing, and you should not feel bad. This is simply a sign or a wake up call. It is time for you to take control of your inner thoughts and feelings. Your mind does not control you. Are are the master of your mind. What will it take for you to go within, recognize the patterns and thoughts that are no longer serving you, and remove them?


Card Two: Queen of Cups. 

The Queen of Cups comes to tell you that you must tap into your intuition in order to heal yourself and your life. Have you been ignoring certain messages that are coming to you? Messages come as thoughts and feelings, and are not always physical or tangible things. What have you felt guided to do lately? What are the things you are fantasizing about? These images you see in your mind are messages from the Divine. Listen to them. You will find your path by doing so.


Card Three: Nine of Wands.

This card signifies that you are approaching the end of a cycle. This is why letting go of things that no longer serve you and listening to your intuition is so important. Allow the old to be released. Move out of those old patterns. Start making the changes you wish to see, instead of only dreaming about them. The time is NOW.


Card Four: The Devil.

The Devil represents how you may be chained to these old belief systems. It urges you to let go and not be dragged back down. It takes a lot of strength and trust in the Universe to be able to let go and surrender. But we are all Divine Sparks of Light in human bodies. We all have the power within us to move forward in the direction that will serve our highest good. Remember that we are here to learn. There is no challenge that will present itself to you that you will not overcome. If you believe in reincarnation (like I sure as hell do), you will understand that each lesson we experience was created by our souls before we were re-born. There is nothing that is truly too hard for you to handle. Make the changes. You will be set free.


The Star.

The Star was at the bottom of the deck as I pulled these cards in the reading. I felt it was necessary to share The Star’s message, as well. The Star represents all the good that is coming to you. Listen to your heart, listen to your emotions, and listen to your intuition. Let Spirit and the Universe flow through you. You are on your way to achieving all the things you want in life. Do not become overcome with negative thinking. Keep your vibration high. All the good you deserve will manifest for you.


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And so it is.


There is a lot going on for us, internally and externally. With all you may be experiencing right now, it is important that you stay calm and just be. Make the time to do the things that make you happy. Make time to rest and relax. Do what your body is telling you to do.


Pay attention to your dreams. I have been receiving clues regarding my thought patterns and habits that need to be healed in my dreams. I suggest you do the same. I have started to record my dreams in my dream journal again. It feels good to record them and analyze them. I am learning more about this time and my experience by doing so. (If you would like for me to interpret your dream, please see my Shop).


Delving into the unknown can be scary. Just keep in mind that all you experience now is for your highest good. All is taking place in Divine Timing.


With love and light,


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