Energy of May 2018

May 2018 – Starting the Cycle.


As soon as this week began, I felt that something was different. I woke up on Monday, April 30, 2018, ready for change. I could feel that things around me were starting to pick up. I pulled tarot cards on Tuesday, May 1st. And let me tell you: things ARE changing.


This month promises new beginnings. All that we have experienced since the beginning of the year has led up to this month. Are you ready for your divine life’s purpose to shift into high gear?


The first four months of this year, for me, were very transforming. I can feel my energy shifting and changing each day, as the energy on Mother Earth is changing. I am becoming more connected to the Divine Feminine. I am connecting with my Higher Self and my spirit guides more deeply than every before. I am broadening my knowledge of esoteric subjects – revisiting some I have studied for years and delving into ones I never touched before.


Now that spring is finally here, you will start to see more of your plans coming together. Anything you have been wanting all winter, and for the first few months of this year is going to come into fruition. Those seeds you planted? They’re starting to bloom. Rejoice! This is a time for celebration.


The spread.

Card 1: Two of Swords, Reversed.

The two of swords represents where you were in April, and where you still might be today. You may feel blindfolded – like you are not sure which direction to take. You may feel like you have done and tried everything that you can to reach a goal, and yet have not seen any positive results. This month, it is important that you take the time to tap into your intuition and dive deep into your soul and emotions (represented by the moon and water on the card). Your intuition and your emotions work together to show you where you need to be and what you need to do to get where you want to go. Pay close attention to any gut feelings that you receive early this month. Follow any nudges from Spirit that you receive, as these will lead you to the results you have been searching for all winter.


Card 2: The Empress, Reversed.

The Empress represents the Divine Feminine AND Mother Earth. It is your job this month to connect with your Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine represents creativity and rebirth. What do you want to create? By developing and working with the Divine Feminine within yourself and as a collective energy, you will awaken the powers lying dormant within you that are so desperately trying to wake up. These innate abilities will help you to manifest everything you have been dreaming of and they will assist you in moving further along your destined path. Because there are two major arcana cards in this reading (this card and the next card), your destiny is playing a huge role in this month. What you do this month largely impacts the next phase of your path.


Card 3: The Fool. 

The Fool is the very first card of the tarot, and rightfully so. The Fool represents new beginnings/a new adventure. If you have been thinking about making major changes regarding your career, love life, or living situation, make those changes. If you have been dreaming of a new path or direction, or even better clarity and understanding, all of that will be yours this month. This ties in perfectly with the first two cards. Listen to your intuition and your heart. Connect with the innate abilities that you have within you. And don’t be afraid to take risks. Have faith in the Universe. Things are coming into alignment. All of your dreams are now within reach.



We’re on our way.


This month is going to be quite magical! Don’t hold yourself back! And try not to block yourself energetically. Disconnect from the desired outcome of what you are manifesting. Instead, focus on what you want, but leave the how’s and end results up to the Universe. Let energy flow through you. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves this month! And above all else, listen to your heart! You got this!


We are still transitioning into the 5D. This will continue to be a gradual transition, although things ARE speeding up. I have been experiencing a lot of the ascension symptoms lately, including sinus problems, a cough, and anxiety. But when I am not feeling those things, I am feeling incredible! I feel powerful and connected to Spirit. I am finally merging with the Divine Feminine and it feels great. Check back on my blog for more information about the Divine Feminine – coming soon!


If you would like to schedule a card reading with me, please see my Shop. I would be more than happy to guide you on your journey, by sharing the wisdom of Spirit and the Universe with you!


With love and light,



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