Energy Reading: May 6-May 12, 2018

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Energy of this week…


Hello, hello! I am excited to share with you the card reading for this upcoming week. We have been going through a very interesting time here, on Earth, and it just keeps getting better and better! If you saw my monthly card reading, you would know that the last card to come up in the Ryder-Waite deck for that reading was The Fool. Today, I pulled cards for the upcoming week with my Tarot of the Spirit deck, and The Fool was the first to appear. Hmm…



The Cards.


1. The Fool.

The Fool represents new beginnings and adventures. The Fool is playing a huge role in the energy of May. We are embarking on new and very important journeys. The things we accomplish, or put into action this month, will have a strong effect on how the rest of the year plays out for us. It is vital at this time that you allow yourself to be led by love. Use your instincts and listen to your intuition. Have faith and trust in the Universe. All is working out for the best. Take those risks. Do not be strayed by fear.


2. Water Sister.

Water Sister represents the need to continue to delve into your intuition and emotions. You have the innate ability to know what is best for you and your development at any given moment. Trust that you have all the answers within. Get in touch with what is really important to you. Tap into the Divine Feminine energy and allow your higher self to be your guide. This is how you will begin planting the seeds that will take you where you want to go. Allow the energy to flow like water.


3. Eight of Wind.

If you find yourself struggling this week, know that this can be fixed by surrendering to the Universe, much like The Fool is guiding you to do. When we spend too much time trying to control things, we end up feeling discomfort within the body and stress or anxiety in the mind. Simply breathe and allow opportunities and good to come to you. Go after what you want, yes, but do not get caught up in the what if’s and the how’s. Believe all that you desire can and will be yours – then let go of your expectations for the outcome. You are powerful. Let it be.



In conclusion…


The energy this month is extremely powerful. We are delving more and more into our own truths and we are building a strong foundation for our futures. Remember that this is a 2 year, or a master number 11 year. Either way you look at it, this makes for a magical time, filled with birth and creation. It is unwise to waste your energy worrying. Just believe and do your best. Love yourself throughout the entire ride. Use your intuition as your guide – it can be your strongest tool.


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With love and light,


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