Visualize The Event with Eyes of Love

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The Event is almost here…


Hello, dear ones. Wow, it has been an incredible few weeks for me. I have been uncovering so many clues and theories about the dark government and the ascension of humanity, which will bring about this Event.


You have heard me talk about The Event in a few other posts over the past year. If you are quite into spiritual topics, it is likely that you have heard many other lightworkers, Warriors of the Light, Earth Angels, and so on, speaking about this amazing occurrence.


I have been watching many fascinating videos on YouTube from wonderful women and beautiful, strong, souls who are able to channel lightbeings and discuss The Event in great detail. I also started my own YouTube Channel, where I have been posting card readings. I did one with the Divine Feminine and one with Archangel Michael, so far. I also did another with Lady Isis – all focused on The Event and the different types of energy we will be dealing with in the coming weeks.


Amazingly enough, no one has been able to receive an exact date of when The Event is going to take place. I believe this is because the lightbeings being channeled do not wish to promise us something for it to end up happening on a different date. I also feel that they are well aware that this topic brings about anxiety and fear for some. I think that they do not want us to be fearing the date they share with us, because it will disrupt the flow of positive energy needed to make this Event happen. So, we must be thankful and loving towards them, first for always making our needs a priority, and second for assisting us with this process as much as they have been.


However, there is one date that has been surfacing on a few of the channels I have been watching. Apparently, May 24th is going to be a very important date. This date brings about one of the solar flashes, I believe is what they are calling it. Another woman called it a weapon. But it is not a weapon meant to harm us. It is a weapon of strong, light energy, which will help set off the disclosure of the dark government. Another fun fact about this date, that my guides made me aware of, is that this date in numerology actually equals 11-11, because 2018 is a master 11 year, and 5/24 (5+2+4) equals 11. So, there you have it: 11-11. If that is not a sign that this is actually happening, I do not know what is! Also, May is a 5 month, meaning great change in regard to our life purposes and soul missions.



What this means for us, is that all of the things that have been kept secret from humanity will be revealed. If you have looked into any major conspiracy theories throughout your life, this is the stuff I am talking about. Yes, most of it is true. At least, that is what my intuition and my guides are telling me. So, as you can imagine, there are many people out there who are not ready to hear this information.


My new favorite YouTuber, The Energetic Alchemist, has been channeling a lightbeing or a group of lightbeings from the 13th dimension, known as Augzil. In the video below, during a channeling session, Augzil tells her that there are two ways this disclosure can go down. Either with fear, or with love. Take a look at the video for more (I am not affiliated with her, I just feel very strongly that her message needs to be heard.)



So, what this means is that we must do our best to keep our vibrations high, and share as much love and light with one another as possible. We must manifest this disclosure happening in the most positive way possible. Do not fear The Event and do not fear the disclosure. Inform your family and loved ones with ease and love when the time comes.


A few ways to keep your vibration high are by meditating daily, caring for your body with essential oils and flower essences, taking salt baths, and using positive affirmations. I also suggest that you practice positive visualization. Imagine The Event, the disclosure, and the New Earth/transition into 5D, with as much love and joy as possible. Tap into your heart center, and be the light that the world needs right now. See in your mind, this entire ascension process playing out in the highest good for all of humanity, and all those inhabiting this Earth. Surround everyone you see or hear about with great bubbles of love. Even if you are getting bothered by a darker energy, send it love. This will ensure everything goes as planned, and is in alignment with the unconditional love vibration, as opposed to one of fear.


If you have any questions, please comment below or find me on social media. Keep in mind that I am available for readings and intuitive guidance/life coaching sessions. I want to help you and all of humanity through this process. Do not hesitate to reach out, my loves.


I love you very much, as does the Universe and all of the Divine beings in it.


With love and light,


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