Remember to Love

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Love is the most powerful force.


I have been reading and watching a lot of posts about the ascension and The Event. I have even made a few videos and written a few blog posts on this subject. I believe that mother Gaia is changing. I believe that as a collective, we are ascending and evolving. I believe that we are entering a Golden Age, here on our planet.


I do not know what is true and what is not true regarding this subject. I can feel changes in the air. I feel changes within myself. I would love to see disclosure of the shadow government and I would love to live in a world where we do not live in fear. I would love to live in a world where we are more deeply connected with nature, with ourselves, and with others. I want to live in a world filled with good, pure food. A world where we do not harm each other. A world where we are not controlled by the media or being prescribed medications that are actually detrimental to our well-being.


I can tell you now, that I believe we can have this world. I believe we can create New Earth or Nova Gaia, whether it takes place on this planet or another. I believe that we are truly ascending into 5D consciousness. But let me say one thing: it will only happen if we make it so.


There are many light-beings out there who are helping us through this time. There are energy waves coming to our Earth. There are people who are here to help bring about this change. I am one of them. You are most likely one of them if you are reading this post.


Our job, at this time, is to go with the flow. Our job is to love ourselves. When we love ourselves, we are raising our vibration. When our vibration is raised, those who enter into our energy field can feel our high energy, and in turn, theirs is raised as well.


The Universe and Gaia, and the Divine, are providing us with the energy shifts we need to change the world. It is up to us to create this New Earth. It is up to us to acknowledge, accept, and let go of our fears. Someone commented on one of my YouTube videos saying that I should not be telling people to let go of fear, and instead I should be telling them to fear fear. I do not agree with this idea. Fearing fear will only hold you in that low-energy vibration.


It is time that we acknowledge our fears, and face them. Let them go. It is time that we step into our true power. The two most powerful things we have are love and our minds. We create our realities. There are no limits. There are no rules. This is the message that I want to share. We can heal ourselves. We can heal the people in our world. We can do amazing things. We were born with this amazing potential. It is time we hone it and own it.


Stop being the victim, today. Stop holding yourself in low-energy vibrations. Stop beating yourself up. Stop worrying about outside forces. Stop letting things happen to you. Stop thinking those bad thoughts. You have the power to change. There will not be a large scale revolution until it happens within us first.


I apologize if my words seem very strong at this time. But this is what is coming through. I am a teacher and I am a guide. I am here to love you and I am here to help you. We can create things beyond our wildest imaginations, IF we allow ourselves to do so. It must be a conscious decision.


Are you ready for The Event?



Remember to love yourself. Love those close to you. Love strangers. Love everyone in the world. Connect with Gaia. Connect with the Divine. This is how we will see the change we so desire.


I love you,


With love and light,


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