Awakening the Divine Power Within

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It’s what’s on the inside that counts.


We are all divine sparks of light. All of us. Even those who are not vibrating at the same frequency as you might be are divine sparks of light. So, that means that as souls, we choose to come to Earth to experience life as a human. We get together with our guides before we are born, to essentially write out our life story. We choose our parents, we choose our friends and family, we choose our jobs, and where we are going to live. This means that even if we do not choose a more spiritually-guided life, we are still spiritual beings at our core.


Now, some of us have awakened to our true essences, or at least, we are aware that there is more to life than we are led to believe. We want to delve deeper into spiritual studies, and we want to learn more about ourselves. When you begin the journey of spiritual awakening, you are introduced to many different truths that all seem to just vibe with you. I have noticed that my awakening is truly an ongoing phenomenon. Honestly, I feel like I have been awake my whole life. So, when I say my awakening, I really mean the way my soul continues to evolve in my current incarnation.


You see, we are meant to continue to grow and evolve. We are here to ascend, as you have heard me talk about on YouTube and in other blog posts. One of the key ingredients to our ascension is stepping into our power and remembering who we truly are on a soul level.


I have been working a lot with the Divine Feminine energy. Specifically, I have been invoking the Lady Isis and asking her assistance as I embody the Divine Feminine (which was already within me to begin with). After working on my Divine Feminine for the last few months, I have just begun tapping into my Divine Masculine.


We all have both masculine and feminine energy within us – no matter our gender. These two energies work together within us. For example, Divine Feminine helps us to create the things we desire, Divine Masculine helps us to put action into our plans. See what I mean? These two parts of ourselves work together to help us live our best lives and serve our Divine Purpose. When there is an imbalance of these two energies, we are more likely to see imbalances in other areas of our lives.


Step into your power.


So, how is it that we are able to access these divine powers within us? How do we connect with them and awaken them? I have a few different ideas for you, my friends:


1. Intention.

If you are ready and willing to step into your true power, all you have to do is set your intention. Yep, that is it. Spend some time in silence and go within. State your intention, either aloud or in your mind. Tell the Universe and your Higher Self that you are ready to step into your power and potential. Imagine this newfound power surging through you, and picture yourself as the divine embodiment of Source that you are.


2. Ask.

One thing that I do all the time, especially when I am feeling off or not vibrating as high as I would like, is that I will literally ask Lady Isis to help me connect with my Divine Feminine energy. A few weeks ago, I posted about how I have healed my past menstrual problems by invoking the goddess. Well, I realized that when I am not in touch with my Divine Feminine, I will get cramps or manifest a headache. When I am not feeling my best, I ask Isis to please help me connect with the Divine Feminine energy within me. And I can tell you, within the half hour, I feel one hundred times better.

You can do this at any time. You do not have to be feeling off, and this is not limited to the Divine Feminine. You can invoke any god or goddess, or your Higher Self, to help you connect with either energy or both (DF/DM). I promise you will see a difference in your overall mood and vibration within a little while.


3. Meditate.

I know that I push meditation all the time, but I seriously cannot say enough how important this is, guys. Meditation helps you connect with Universal energy, Gaia, the angels, all gods/goddesses, and your Higher Self. Lots of healing can take place during meditation. To heal or balance your DF and DM energies, simply focus on doing so during meditation. Picture symbols, colors, or words that represent each of these energies for you. Allow yourself to get lost in this space. You will come out of it a new person.


4. Knowing.

Yes, knowing. If you tell yourself every day that you are an embodiment of the Divine, you will start to feel it every day. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see an affirmation I have been repeating to myself on one of my most recent posts.


The affirmation is: I am an embodiment of the Divine Feminine. I am an embodiment of the Divine Masculine. I am an embodiment of all powerful Source.


This affirmation really helps a lot when I am anxious about stuff happening in the good old 3D. It also helps a lot when I am feeling the strong ascension waves that are coming in. Sometimes in meditation, I repeat this affirmation and it makes the meditation all that more powerful for me.


So, when we acknowledge that we are the Divine embodied and when we remind ourselves of this fact, it helps to raise our vibration and balance our energy within. This is one of the best ways to connect with our power and true essence.



As we continue through this spiritual awakening and ascension process, the power we have within will continue to grow stronger and stronger. We are becoming all that we were always meant to be – and in that time we are discovering that we have always been these beings.


I will be posting more videos and blog posts about the ascension soon. In the meantime, remember to keep on loving you. Love your neighbors, whether they are family or strangers. We are manifesting amazing things on this planet. This is an incredible time to be alive.


With love and light,


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