Capricorn Full Moon: Using the Energy

Featured Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash.

The Strawberry Moon in Capricorn.

June’s Strawberry Moon falls between today, June 27th and tomorrow June 28th, and is in the sign of Capricorn. All full moons are a great time to go within, gain insight, and reach closure regarding things you have been experiencing around their time.

Capricorn is my sun sign, so let me tell you, I have been feeling the effects of this month’s full moon very strongly. I have been feeling the intense need to be alone and reflect. I can feel so much changing within myself and the world around me, that I just want to sleep until something big happens. You feel me?

But of course, Capricorn is not a sign that backs down from their desires. Capricorns are known for being “workaholics.” Around this full moon, it is likely that you have been feeling the same way. So, how can we make the most of this energy?

We are basically in the middle of the year at this point – and it is exactly six months until my birthday (holla). At this point, it is natural for you to be feeling that dread of omg it’s the middle of the year and what have I accomplished? Don’t freak out. This is totally natural.

On this full moon, take the time away from working towards your goals (I know, sounds crazy right?) to connect with your true desires. Check in with yourself. Are you following your destined path? Are you making steady, and possibly maddeningly slow, progress towards your goals? What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year?

I am feeling that things are about to start rapidly changing for a lot of us. The energy was going at a really fast pace for a minute there, and recently it has gotten kind of slowed down. Don’t worry! This means that we have plenty of time to plan out our next steps before it ramps back up again.

Sit under that brilliant moon tonight and ask her her secrets. Ask the Divine Feminine – who are super in tune with the moon – to help you manifest all that you want to create in the NOW. Write out a list of things you are willing to release that are holding you back. And then write a list of things that you want to create. Pin the two lists side-by-side somewhere you will see them daily. Read the lists every day until the next full moon. Doing this daily will help you to release that which no longer serves you and help you fill up with things that do!

Remember to be gentle with yourself and to not lay the pressure on too thick…at least for now. Take the time you need to rest and replenish your spirit. You will be glad that you did. Soon it will be time for you to jump back on your goals. Don’t give up yet! We are at the midway point of this year. My guides are telling me that the energy is only going to get stronger. So, don’t feel bad for taking that break. You gonna be busy soon, babe!

Happy Full Moon!

With love and light,

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