9 Angels to Invoke for Romance

Romance is always in the air… Love is always all around us. We have our families and friends. We have our pets. We have our spirit guides, the Universe, and Source, providing us with enough support and love to accomplish anything we set our minds to. But above all else, we have our partners, our […]

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8 Goddesses for Female Empowerment

Goddesses as Guardians If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know I write a lot about archangels. Archangels are truly amazing beings, and I still suggest getting to know them. But what if you are not comfortable contacting angels, or feel they’re not quite your style? Well I’ve got the perfect solution […]

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Introduction to Archangel Raphael

Earlier this week, I introduced you to Archangel Michael. Have you tried invoking him? And if so, how did it go? Today, I am introducing Archangel Raphael. Along with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael is with me a lot of the time. I mentioned last week, that Michael spends a lot of time with healers and […]

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How to Connect with Angels

Connecting with Angels is something I do just about every day. I have mentioned them multiple times throughout my previous posts. In fact, I have asked them to guide me in writing this piece, today. Who are Angels? Angels provide the purest, most benevolent, love you will ever receive. Angels are here to guide and […]

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The Power of Prayer

Tonight my boyfriend and I were debating whether to take the long drive out to our favorite record store or not. I felt anxious about the idea, but wasn’t exactly sure why. So I figured there was no harm in going, considering it was my favorite record store and my favorite person. So we were […]

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