New Special!

Hello, friends! Recently, I have been seeing lots of you posting about things you may want some clarity on, and I have also been seeing lots of hits on my Earth Angel posts. So, I’ve decided to propose a new service, or rather a combination of services. Yay! Now, you can get your choice of […]

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Types of Fairies & Other Elementals

For those of you who have been following my posts, you know that I have been talking about Doreen Virtue’s, Earth Angel Realms, book. For those of you just popping in, Earth Angels are incarnated light-beings, who have come to Earth to teach about or accomplish a certain mission. The core realms are Incarnated Angels, Incarnated Elementals, […]

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The Realm of Merpeople

The next realm from Doreen Virtue’s, Earth Angel Realms book that I will be discussing is called: Merpeople. Can you guess what they’re all about? Who are Merpeople? Merpeople are a blend from the Elemental Realm. They are incarnated mermaids, who have come to Earth to help protect the ocean, her inhabitants, and the world’s […]

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Mystic Stars & Cosmic Angels

The next realm from Doreen Virtue’s, Earth Angel Realms, is called: Mystic Stars and Cosmic Angels. Mystic Stars are a blend of the Starpeople and Wise Ones realms, while Cosmic Angels are a blend of the Starpeople and Incarnated Angel realms. You might be a Mystic Star or Cosmic Angel if you have these qualities: The eyes are […]

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Incarnated Cherubs

The next blended realm from Doreen Virtue’s, Earth Angel Realms, that I will be discussing is Incarnated Cherubs. Who are Incarnated Cherubs? Incarnated Cherubs are one half Incarnated Angel, and one half Starperson. They have taken on the assignment of spreading love to the Earth’s people. They LOVE to make others happy, which comes from their Incarnated Angel […]

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Realm of Atlanteans

The next blended realm from Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel Realms, is the realm of Atlanteans. Who Are Atlanteans? Atlanteans literally are those who lived in Atlantis, a long long time ago. They are a blend of Wise One, Incarnated Angel, and Starperson. The Atlanteans have chosen to incarnate on Earth once more to help prevent an […]

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Aladdin Genies

The next blended realm that I will be discussing is called Aladdin Genies. Any guesses as to their origins? Who are Aladdin Genies? Aladdin Genies are a blended realm discovered by Doreen Virtue, and can be read about in her book, Earth Angel Realms. If you have been following along with my own Earth Angel Series, […]

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