Monday Mantra: 6/19/17

It’s that time once again, kiddos. Good morning and the happiest of Mondays, to you, my friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and Father’s Day, if you celebrated. Now we’re back to the norm, eh? Today, I have two new classes beginning at SWIHA, one about intuition and one about prayer and […]

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Monday Mantra: 6/12/17

Good morning and happy Monday, to you, my friends! I am quite tired today. I had a long weekend and I am not ready to my normal schedule to start again. Meanwhile, I have been feeling different energies this month. Have you? Things are happening and changing and expanding. So for today’s Monday Mantra, let us […]

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Monday Mantra: 6/5/2017

Happy Monday. Welcome to another beautiful Monday in your life. If you are starting the work week today, I hope that you have a fabulous week! If you are in the middle of your work week, or already on your weekend, I hope you make some time for yourself during your time off. Rest and […]

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Monday Mantra: 5/29/17

Happy Monday. Wow, can you believe it is the last Monday in May? Can you believe that June is basically here? We are already halfway through the year. This is crazy to me! I think that time seems to be speeding up because we are moving towards something. For a quick refresh, remember that this […]

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Monday Mantra: 5/22/17

Monday Morning. Hello all! I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for the week to begin! I did some work with new Tarot cards and angel meditations this weekend. It was so enlightening! Therefore, this morning, I asked the angels what message they wanted to share with us for today’s Monday Mantra. This is […]

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Monday Mantra: 5/15/17

Good morning, all! Happy Monday, May 15th! Today, my next two courses are beginning at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. One lasts a total of five weeks, while the other lasts ten weeks. That was really interesting to me! Recently, I have been feeling so happy and ecstatic for life! I spent a moment […]

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Monday Mantra: 5/8/17

Good morning all! Can you believe it is the second Monday in May? Time seems to be going so fast lately. Maybe I’ve just been putting too much focus on it? For those of you have been keeping up on my blog, first I want to thank you. And secondly, I want to give you […]

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