Monday Mantra: 8/14/17

Good morning, kiddos. So, this weekend was a bit of a heavy one for a lot of us, eh? I really can’t stand seeing so much hate in the world, and in my own country. That is why today, we are going to turn our focus back, once more, to love. Yesterday, I saw a […]

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Monday Mantra: 8/7/17

Show Gratitude. Good morning, my wonderful followers, new and old, and new visitors! Welcome to the Modern Mystic Musings Monday Mantra. Today, I want to focus on showing some gratitude and appreciation to the people in our lives who lift us up, bring us joy, and provide us with their support and companionship. Since I started […]

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Monday Mantra: 7/31/17

Change in the winds. Good morning, and welcome to another edition of Modern Mystic Musing’s, Monday Mantra! This last week was very interesting over at my new kitty-filled home! I now have three cats, and I believe I mentioned that I would be adding two last week. They are all doing very well! The two girls […]

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Monday Mantra: 7/24/17

Changing Monday Mindsets. One of my friends was telling me how changing her mindset about Monday has shown an increase in the money her business is making, as well as transforming Monday into her favorite day. This is the purpose of the Monday Mantra. We meet here, every Monday, and choose love, happiness, and peace, over worry, […]

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Monday Mantra: 7/17/17

Luck is with us… Good morning, my friends! Wow, take a look at today’s date. We are in luck today! And if you recall from my July card reading, the number 7 resonates with our life purposes, and our spiritual paths. I have truly been seeing the things I have been working towards this year, […]

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Monday Mantra: 7/10/17

Time heals all wounds… Good morning, and Happy Monday to you all! This week was full of ups and downs for me. I got some wonderful news regarding advancements in my blogging career, and I found out I will be getting a new apartment! On the other hand, I found out a very dear friend […]

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